Comcast Proposes a Change to the New York Skyline

Jun 16, 2014  •  Post A Comment

New York City’s 30 Rockefeller Plaza may get a change at the very top, with Comcast asking to replace the 24-foot-high GE initials near the top of the building with its own name, reports The New York Times.

Comcast bought General Electric’s remaining stake in NBCUniversal last year, and now is applying for a “certificate of appropriateness” from the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission to replace GE’s initials, the story notes.

“Whether another name change will be embraced by the public is arguable,” the story notes. “It’s been a quarter-century since the two glowing red letters were installed, yet many New Yorkers still refer to it as the RCA Building, after the company that founded the NBC network.”

When the RCA name was first lit up in 1937, it was called the loftiest neon sign on Earth, the story notes.

“The idea of changing it now to the Comcast Building strikes me the same way that the change to the GE Building name did: ‘I’m the new guy on the block and you are nothing anymore,’” Carol H. Krinsky, a New York University art history professor and the author of “Rockefeller Center,” told The Times.

Comcast wants to install 12-foot-high LED signs that would spell its name in white uppercase letters. It would also include 10-foot-high NBC peacock logos. Overall, the sign would be more compact than the existing GE sign, the story notes.


Credit for Photo (below): Jared Kofsky

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