Two New Broadcast TV Networks, Set to Debut This Summer, Announce Major Programming Acquisition

Jun 10, 2014  •  Post A Comment

Two upcoming broadcast television networks, billed as the nation's first over-the-air network aimed at female viewers and the first aimed at males, today announced their first programming acquisition.

The networks, the female-targeted Escape and the male-oriented Grit, are part of Katz Broadcasting and are set to roll out this summer. Today's deal with Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution will give the channels rights to 135 movies.

"Escape will target women 25-54 with a brand of programming anchored in stories of crime and mystery," Katz said in its announcement. "Warner Bros. drama and thriller titles earmarked for Escape include: The contemporary classic 'Body Heat' starring Kathleen Turner; Demi Moore in 'Disclosure'; the Nicole Kidman thrillers 'Dead Calm' and 'Malice'; Kathy Bates creating 'Misery' for James Caan, based on the Stephen King story; Bates in another King tale, 'Dolores Claiborne' with Jennifer Jason Leigh; 'Copycat' starring Sigourney Weaver; 'Blink' with Madeline Stowe and Cate Blanchett as Charlotte Gray; John Grisham’s 'Presumed Innocent'; Michelle Pfeiffer in 'Tequila Sunrise'; 'Star 80' and more."

Grit, meanwhile, targets men 25-54 and spotlights "the classic male hero archetype with a focus on Western, war and action theatrical motion pictures," the company said. "Among the stars and titles headed to Grit in the WBDTD agreement: Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry in 'Sudden Impact,' leading the charge in 'Kelly’s Heroes' and also 'Bronco Billy'; Arnold Schwarzenegger in 'Eraser'; Sylvester Stallone in 'Cobra', 'Demolition Man' and 'Victory'; Jackie Chan starring in 'Rumble in the Bronx' and 'Jackie Chan’s First Strike'; Steven Seagal ('Hard to Kill,' 'Fire Down Below,' 'On Deadly Ground' and 'Out of Reach'); Denzel Washington ('Fallen') and more."

Please click here to read the full announcement.

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  1. I see that the new Escape channel is currently advertising in the Atlanta area. That’s great, I’m excited. But I can’t find anything out about the other new station, Grit. Will we also be getting that in the Atlanta area soon? Thanks so much for your time!

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