Which Fall Shows Are Most Likely to Bomb? An ‘Unfunny, One-Note Show’ Tops the List

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When the broadcasters announce their fall lineups in May, media buyers and planners typically spot one show that clearly is destined to bomb, reports Toni Fitzgerald in MediaLife.

“Sometimes it’s because the concept is so incredibly dumb, like ABC’s 2007 sitcom ‘Cavemen,’ which was based on a series of Geico commercials,” Fitzgerald writes. “And sometimes it’s because the show itself isn’t funny at all, like CBS’s ‘We Are Men’ last fall.”

This year, both issues are working against ABC's "Selfie," the show that tops the list of likely disasters, the story reports. The show stars Karen Gillan of "Doctor Who."

The series is about a woman whose social media reputation takes a hit, prompting her to reinvent herself. The show is “this year’s surefire bomb,” Fitzgerald writes.

"It’s rarely a good idea to try to jump on something trendy but fleeting like the word 'Selfie.' The term will be dated by fall," the report says. "And the one-note premise doesn’t bode well for the series. It’s hard to imagine it can be drawn out for three episodes, let alone 13. But the biggest thing 'Selfie' has going against it is it’s not funny."

Other fall shows that Fitzgerald says are likely to bomb, based on conversations with media buyers and planners, include:

NBC’s “Bad Judge,” which the piece says has a tough timeslot, up against CBS’s “Thursday Night Football,” along with a  premise that’s “a little off.”

Fox’s “Utopia,” which is another trouble spot, given its reported $50 million cost. “Considering the show’s pricetag and the fact that there hasn’t been a fall hit reality show launched in years, it could be a disaster,” the story notes.

“Stalker,” on CBS, about people who hunt down obsessive exes and stalkers, which the piece says “may be a bit too dark for broadcast.”

“Mulaney” on Fox, meanwhile is “intermittently funny,” the piece notes, but it adds that it has been years since Fox had a Sunday hit other than an animated show, and "Mulaney" may struggle to keep viewers around after "Family Guy."

karen gillan.jpg"Selfie" star Karen Gillan

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