We Didn’t See This One Coming: J. K. Rowling Writes a New Harry Potter Story. Could It Be Made Into a Movie?

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"J. K. Rowling sent shock waves through muggledom and the wizarding world alike Tuesday when she published a new short story catching up with an adult Harry Potter on her Pottermore website," writes Oliver Gettell in the Los Angeles Times.

The story reports: "In addition to filling in some details about Potter's life in his 30s — his hair streaked with silver, sporting a new scar on his cheek, wife and children in tow — the 1,500-word story certainly whet the appetites of Potter fanatics yearning for more of the Boy Who Lived."

Then the article asks this question: "But could Rowling's latest dispatch ever form the basis of, or get the ball rolling for, a new Harry Potter movie?"

Certainly the financial incentive is there, the story notes, with the total take in worldwide box office from all the Harry Potter movies so far being an astounding $7.7 billion.

First, who would have the rights to make another Potter movie? Gettell writes: "Sony developed the website with Rowling, but a spokesman says the firm does not hold any film rights to the property. Warner Bros. bought rights to the original Potter books, but it’s unclear if the deal included language for potential spinoffs. If it was Rowling herself, she could theoretically shop a potential Pottermore movie elsewhere, though given her close relationship with Warner Bros., it’s likely they would have the first crack at it. A spokesperson for Warner Bros. could not immediately provide details about the status of the studio's 'Pottermore' rights."

To read more details about this story, we suggest that you click on the link in our first paragraph, above.

Harry Potter.pngCould there be yet another Harry Potter movie, this time showing the characters in their 30s?

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