Wow: For Many of Us, Our Smartphone Is More Important Than Alcohol, TV Viewing or … Sex

Jul 1, 2014  •  Post A Comment

We all know that most of us are practically addicted to our smartphones. The question is, how addicted?

Here are the results of one survey that asked if your smartphone were taken away from you, what would you give up to get it back: alcohol, your car, chocolate, sex, shopping, or TV/movies.

Here are the results, with the percentage of respondents who gave each reply:

45% would give up alcohol to get their smartphone back.

34% would give up chocolate to get their smartphone back.

22% would give up shopping

16% would give up TV/movies

13% would give up sex

8% would give up driving their car

The survey was done by Braun Research which spoke to 1,000 respondents.

Braun did  the research on behalf of the Bank of America. And why is the B of A interested in your compulsion with your smartphone? As the B of A says in its introduction to the results of the survey, "At Bank of America, mobile is a way of life for our customers. In fact, this year we surpassed 15 million active mobile banking customers — a number that is growing by more than 200 thousand customers per month — and we recently introduced a new mobile app to meet the growing demands of our customers’ mobile lives."

You can find more results of the Bank of America survey if you click here. 

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