Casey Kasem to Be Buried Overseas, as Family Continues to Fight

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As a family feud continues to simmer, the body of the late radio and TV personality Casey Kasem will be buried in Norway by his widow, Reuters reports, citing the spokesman for one of Kasem’s daughters.

The news marks the latest development in the ongoing legal battle between Kasem’s widow and his children, which was sparked over his end-of-life care, the story adds.

“Jean Kasem, the former ‘American Top 40’ deejay’s second wife, has indicated her late husband will be buried in the Nordic country, though it is not known when that will occur, said Danny Deraney, a publicist for Kerri Kasem, one of the three children from Casey Kasem’s first marriage,” Reuters reports.

Deraney said Kerri Kasem and two siblings from Kasem’s first marriage “have been working with a private investigator to keep track of their father’s body, which was later taken to Canada,” the story reports. “They have accused Jean Kasem of abusing their father, who was suffering from bedsores at the end of his life, and preventing them from contacting him for a lengthy period.”

Deraney said there was nothing to keep Jean Kasem from taking her husband’s remains overseas. An attorney for Jean Kasem declined to comment.

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Jean Kasem and Casey Kasem

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  1. Mrs.Kasem,
    How can you be so cruel and heartless?
    I am speaking as a woman who was widowed at 24 years old with 3 daughters under the age of 6 to raise alone..My husband died in an auto accident…almost decapitated.. couldn’t open his casket..get the picture?

    Have your husband’s children been so bad over the thirty plus years you have been in THEIR lives.They didn’t get a choice for a stepmother.You were their dad’s choice.Don’t you think its about time you stopped being so cruel and act like a human being and burning the poor man where HE wanted to be buried?

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