Chelsea Clinton Exits NBC News

Aug 29, 2014  •  Post A Comment

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton has formally ended her role as a special correspondent for NBC News, Variety reports. Clinton, who is expecting a baby later this year, said she plans to focus on raising her child and on her involvement with the Clinton Foundation.

“Clinton joined NBC News in 2011, a hire that immediately raised eyebrows in journo circles given both her history of avoiding the press and the expected 2016 presidential bid by her mother, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,” Variety notes.

Clinton was a contributor to the “Today” show and to the canceled “Rock Center,” but hadn’t appeared much on the air in recent months, the report notes.

chelsea clinton

Chelsea Clinton


  1. Good. Bad move to even hire her. She was awful. Had no business at the network. He’ll she had no business being in market 190…

  2. Talk about “white privilege,” “rich privilege” and “political favor privilege!” The ONLY reason Chelsea got this undeserved and unqualified for position was because of her parents…a blind person….er….”visually challenged” person could spot that a mile away.

    So Mrs. Clinton….Bill?…Mr. Obama?…let me hear all you liberals talk about the poor disadvantaged “middle class” some more. You know, those hard working “folks” you say you’re “looking’ out for coz no one else does.

    BTW – I’m SURE this kind of undeserved privilege is being exploited by people in the “other party” as well – and of ALL races as well. I’d say it’s time WE all stand up and say….no….DEMAND enough is enough. If you’re gonna stand at a podium and talk about “fairness” then practice what you all preach. Hypocrites.

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