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Disney the Latest Company Interested in Drones

Aug 28, 2014  •  Post A Comment

“Welcome to Disney’s wonderful world of drones,” reports the New York Post.

The story reports: “Disney Enterprises, the merchandising arm for the entertainment conglomerate that owns the ABC Network, has filed three patents for drone-powered entertainment strategies, including using unmanned flying vehicles to move giant puppets.”

The article adds: “Disney’s plans are purely theatrical. All three patents, which were published last week with the US Patents and Trademark Office, are for a new type of ‘aerial display’ or air show.

“One patent, for example, would shoot colored light streams from drones flying in the sky. Another patent would use the drones to fly ‘flexible projection screens’ in the air that would reflect light being projected onto them. A third patent would use the drones to move large puppets supported by ‘tether lines.’ ”

The story also notes: “Last year, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos made headlines when he said he wants to use drones to deliver packages.”

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