‘Downton Abbey’ Implements Measures to Prevent Another Anachronistic Incident

Aug 22, 2014  •  Post A Comment

Following a highly public gaffe in which a plastic water bottle found its way into a publicity photo for “Downton Abbey,” which is set in the decidedly plastic-bottle-free 1920s, the drama series has banned plastic bottles from the set, reports RadioTimes.

As previously reported, after PBS released the first photos promoting the fifth season of the historical drama, it prompted snickering from fans who spotted an incongruous water bottle placed on a mantelpiece. In response to the goof, cast and crew members initiated a charity effort focused on raising awareness for WaterAid.

Now, with new rules in place, the cast and crew will have to drink from plain old cups, the story notes. But the ban doesn’t only include water bottles, RadioTimes notes.

Modern watches, jewelry and underwear have also been banned, with the fear that modern-day anachronisms might slip through. However, the production has allowed prescription glasses and asthma medication, the piece adds.

downton abbey-promo still 2014 w water bottle

The original publicity photo, with plastic bottle on the mantel

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