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Veteran TV News Anchor to Take Leave After Cancer Diagnosis

Aug 27, 2014  •  Post A Comment

A TV news anchor announced to viewers that she will take a leave of absence after being diagnosed with colon cancer. The New York Daily News reports that Roma Torre, 56, an anchor and theater critic for NY1, “broke the shocking news to her viewers Tuesday morning.”

In a statement, Torre told the publication: “Anyone who knows me is well aware I don’t seek public attention. And so when I received a diagnosis of cancer, my inclination was to keep it private. But if there’s any good to come out of all this, it’s the hope that sharing my story can spare others the pain of my experience.”

Her family has no history of the disease, and Torre said she leads a healthy lifestyle and had no symptoms. Because of that, she said, she thought “I could safely assume I would remain healthy and cancer free. Obviously I was wrong.”

Torre, who has been with NY1 since 1992, earned an Emmy for reporting on the Avianca plane crash disaster in 1991, and has won more than 25 broadcasting awards.

“The majority of patients with colorectal cancer have no genetic history and are symptom free,” Torre said. “There really is no way to detect colon cancer in most people without a colonoscopy, which is generally recommended at age 50. I foolishly waited too long. So, I urge anyone who’s procrastinating, as I did, to get screened. Nothing would make me happier than to hear someone say ‘After hearing your story, I finally made an appointment to get checked.'”

She is taking a leave to undergo surgery and treatment, which will be undertaken at Memorial Sloan Kettering, the story adds.

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Roma Torre

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