Video: Glenn Beck Admits He Said Something Stupid — and Reveals He Now Regrets Helping to ‘Tear the Country Apart’ While at Fox

Aug 4, 2014  •  Post A Comment

On CNN’s “Reliable Sources” as a guest, conservative television host and writer Glenn Beck said his decision to call President Barack Obama “racist” was “stupid,” reports Deadline.com.

When host Brian Stelter asked Beck about whether he was responsible for helping to create a divide between political groups, the former Fox News host responded by saying, “When you spend five hours a day on live TV, you’re going to say stupid things.”

Stelter asked whether Beck viewed his decision to call Obama “a racist” was one of those “stupid things,” and Beck replied, “Of course, it was,” the story says.

Beck talked about his regrets from his time on Fox News, saying he played a role in tearing the country apart.

Here’s the interview clip:


  1. People want to spit on Glenn Beck. His words, especially when he call President Obama a racist, make people want to spit on you. His apology is way too late. The damage has already been done.

  2. Impossible for me to follow this man’s (Beck’s) logic. He is the personification of the Peter Principle.

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