Will Jon Voight’s Political Comments Damage His Emmy Chances?

Aug 4, 2014  •  Post A Comment

Actor Jon Voight, who has been nominated for an Emmy for best supporting actor in a drama series, isn’t taking a page from other actors’ playbooks, reports Nellie Andreeva at Deadline.com.

While his fellow nominees have kept low profiles, Voight has been “making headlines with a string of politically charged and sometimes polarizing statements,” she writes.

Voight, who was nominated for his work on Showtime’s “Ray Donovan,” made a video statement two days after the nominations were announced that attacked President Obama and the Democratic Party, among other targets.

On Saturday, he criticized actors Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem for signing an open letter that criticizes Israel’s actions in Gaza. He called the actors “ignorant” and said they should “hang their heads in shame.”

“None of these are out of character. Voight is a longtime Israel supporter and visited the Middle Eastern country in 2008 as part of its 60th anniversary celebration,” Andreeva writes.

She adds: “Awards experts are playing down the impact Voight’s comments would have on his Emmy chances, especially given how narrow the Emmy voting pool is.”

Andreeva also notes: “Being outspoken in Hollywood does not qualify automatically as a career suicide, and even speaking against the awards system not always backfires.”

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  1. Like, or dislike Mr. Voight’s feelings, they should have no reflection on anything regarding the EMMYs.

    As an American citizen he has the right to speak his mind responsibly and not suffer any consequences for having done so.
    Peter Bright

  2. He should win an Emmy for his statements alone.

  3. He’s an old boob–an apologist for the Jews who continue to kill innocent children and civilians. They are brutal and effective–thanks to the Jewish lobby in the U.S. The real crime is denying the Palestinians their homeland and the subjugation and continued annexing of what little area they have. Shameful behavior and a fool of an actor who supports the Jews in Israel.

    • As the anti-Semites find every possible venue to spew their ignorance and hatred…

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