Alternate Ending for ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Leaked Online — Is It Better Than the Real One? See for Yourself (SPOILER alert)

Sep 8, 2014  •  Post A Comment

An official alternate ending for the long-running CBS comedy series “How I Met Your Mother” is providing viewers with a happier ending than the show’s actual finale, reports TheWrap.

In the show’s actual ending to its nine-season run, Aunt Robin became a stepmother after the death of the mom, played by Cristin Milioti, the story notes. But the alternate ending keeps the mom alive.

“Will it be enough to satisfy the hordes of angry fans that organized behind their computers to express their outrage after the finale aired in March?” the story asks.

The report adds: “According to this random sampling of Twitter users who have seen the alternate ending and loved it, probably not, because now they’re just wondering why producers didn’t air it in the first place.”

Here’s the alternate ending:


  1. Yes, Yes a MILLION times “YES”

  2. I’m glad someone made this for the many who didn’t like the ending the show’s producers had planned from day one. But I’ve been on team Robin from early on.

  3. This makes the ending that aired worse. Because it shows that they had an ending that did not spit in the face of the show, but chose against it – the alt one shown here – to go with the ending that aired. My problem with the aired ending is that if Barney and Robin’s love was SO important that they had to spend the entire year on a storyline to get them to the altar, why did the ending negate their love seconds after their vows were traded so that Robin could end up with Ted. That was the problem with the show for the last 3 seasons. I like the characters, but the stories were never as good as the characters. This Alt ending is what should have aired, but it doesn’t matter that it exists, it matters that they had the choice to air this and chose the one that aired and threw all of the great characters they created under the bus so that two characters who every part of the show – including this Alt ending – shows that they should not end up together, do. The fact that this ending got released is not “for the fans”. Its for the other people in the room that got vetoed when they said not to air the other ending can say “I Told You So.” It would have been nicer if they fought for this ending to come out when it really mattered.

  4. It’s gone

  5. Loved this ending! As fans of the entire series, we also understood and enjoyed the original ending as aired. However, this alternate ending was beautifully created and acted. Pre-destined meetings are divine and this ending gave me chills to watch. Thanks for sharing!

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