Another Cable Channel Gets a New Name, New Branding

Sep 18, 2014  •  Post A Comment

The cable channel TVGN, which is owned by CBS and Lionsgate, is undergoing a transition and will re-emerge in the first quarter as Pop, B&C reports.

Said Brad Schwartz, president of entertainment and media for Pop: “When something stands out from the rest, it pops. It’s what everyone is talking about. When something is so good that it earns a culture of fandom, that’s pop — and that’s what we want our channel to symbolize, a fresh new media personality that puts us firmly alongside the audience.”

Schwartz also cited the distinction between TVGN, which was previously called the TV Guide Network, and the magazine TV Guide, which is not a part of the TVGN entity owned by CBS and Lionsgate. Schwartz indicated it was important to rebrand to enable the cable network to control its own brand.

“Rebranding cable channels has been one of Schwartz’s specialties, having put new names and looks on eight channels over the course of his career in the U.S. and Canada,” B&C notes, adding: “Getting renamed and rebranded also seems to be happening to more and more cable channels these days. Among the recent identity changes have been Bio channel becoming FYI, style becoming Esquire and Discovery Health and Fitness becoming Discovery Life.”


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  1. How about SiFi to SyFy or was that SyFy to SiFi? Whatever it certainly belongs in an article about the hard work of re-branding!

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