CNN Ordered to Rehire Fired Employees

Sep 17, 2014  •  Post A Comment

CNN has been ordered by the National Labor Relations Board to rehire or compensate about 300 former employees, the Associated Press reports.

“The NLRB agreed with a November 2008 ruling by one of its administrative judges that CNN improperly replaced a unionized subcontractor, Team Video Services (TVS), with in-house non-union staffers, claiming ‘anti-union’ bias,” the story reports.

The board wrote, “We agree with the judge, essentially for the reasons he states, that CNN committed each of these violations.”

CNN has 14 days to either rehire the former employees to their former jobs or provide them with equivalent positions. CNN also has to pay bargaining union employees for any adverse tax consequences for receiving lump-sum reimbursements, the piece adds.

CNN said it disagrees with the decision and is evaluating its options.

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  1. Holding progressives to their own standards; love it!

  2. Holding who to what standards? Are you kidding or too dumb to know the basic positions of both political groupings? Basically union workers were screwed by a corporation interested in cutting human capital to improve their bottom line which has been hurt by competition and a woeful programming misdirection. This has nothing to do with CNN being a Progressive as it hardly is but a middle road between Right Wing Fox Faux News (AKA Republican Press Releases and opinions) and MSNBC’s Who’s on First this Week attempt at Liberal Media.

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