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How’s the New Lineup on ‘The View’ Getting Along? Not Very Well, According to Report

Sep 18, 2014  •  Post A Comment

While ABC’s daytime talk staple “The View” returned this week with its best ratings in eight years, two of its new co-hosts are already clashing on-air and behind the scenes, reports the New York Post’s Page Six.

Rosie O’ Donnell and Nicolle Wallace reportedly had an “off-air spat after clashing on-air,” the publication notes.

The story reports: “On Tuesday, token Republican Wallace, a former George W. Bush spokesperson, and human wrecking ball O’Donnell clashed on-air after Wallace claimed President Obama ‘doesn’t love people.’ O’Donnell swung back, ‘When Kanye West says, ‘I don’t think President Bush cares about black people,’ it’s like an international incident. But you can say that you don’t think Obama likes people?’”

Their argument reportedly continued behind the scenes, with executive producer Bill Wolff stepping in the get them to calm down.

Executives at ABC also have reportedly been getting worked up over the show. The story quotes an inside source saying: “ABC News head James Goldston and Daytime head Lisa Hackner are fighting over who gets control of ‘The View.’ The situation has become so fraught that [Disney/ABC senior VP] Abra Potkin had to step in. It is a monumental clash of egos.”

A rep for the network poured cold water on the rumored clashes, attributing the story of the Wallace-O’Donnell blowup to someone “just trying to stir up controversy,” and noting that “The View” comes under the purview of ABC Entertainment boss Paul Lee, with Hackner reporting to Lee.

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  1. I listened the other day when Kirstin Dunst was on….Wallace kept stepping on her answers and would not let Kirstin talk…instead she talked about herself. it was a mess. I changed the channel.This woman does not know how to handle herself or be a proper host.

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