Jeff Zucker Spells Out CNN Priorities, Warns Staff to Expect Layoffs

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CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker held a town hall meeting Wednesday, telling employees at CNN’s Atlanta headquarters that the network’s top priorities include covering breaking news and acquiring original series, reports TVNewser.

Zucker said another top priority is the growth of digital, the story adds.

The piece reports: “Zucker said he hopes the Turner 2020 plan will be resolved in the next 4-6 weeks, saying there will be layoffs, but where the cuts will come from is still being determined.”

When he was asked whether New York is becoming the “creative nucleus” of the company, Zucker pushed back, pointing out that CNN en Espanol, CNN International and HLN are based on Atlanta, the story says.

Two anchors, Brooke Baldwin and Carol Costello, were recently moved to New York, but their shows are still produced in Atlanta.

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  1. Great.. The man who cost NBC/UNIVERSAL $160-million dollars in a week (Leno-Conan) and untold millions for the O&O’s and affiliates will now drive CNN into the ground. Me, I got rid oy my TimeWarner stock a long time ago.

  2. It would help if Zucker knew anything about broadcast journalism.

  3. Zucker doesn’t need to know anything about broadcast journalism or cable news to drive CNN into the same black hole that he sent NBC.

  4. Definition of insanity…..guy can turn a diamond into coal.

  5. I write with an accumulation of agreement with the comments above.

    I will take it one step further as I want to question the so-called CNN “Exec’s” who hired Zucker-Schlock after he burned the Peacock’s plumage…plus after all the damage thus far to CNN, they continue to retain and anoint him with continued employment.

    Reality check…who’s at the helm? Can’t you feel the rocks ripping at the hull?
    Peter Bright

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