Keith Olbermann Takes No Prisoners in This Must-See ESPN Video Commentary About the Ray Rice Situation

Sep 10, 2014  •  Post A Comment


  1. At least there is one shining example of intelligence, compassion and right-thinking in this matter…and it’s Keith Olbermann, who articulated what must be said and what SHOULD be done to these idiots who condone violence while suspending a player for smoking weed? Shame on NFL officials and know that I will not watch any football until changes at the top are made!

  2. To Steve Ashley…Fine, don’t watch football! The NFL won’t miss you!…Keith Olbermann is a big-mouthed blowhard, who has had about 20 jobs in 20 years.
    And any serious sports fan could care less about Olbermann or his rantings. And ESPN better watch it, attacking the NFL. If the NFL pulled their games from ESPN and did not allow ESPN to even carry NFL highlights, ESPN would be toast. They would become irrelevant and most likely would not survive.

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