What to Expect From Apple’s Press Conference Next Week, According to a Prominent Analyst

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Here’s what to expect from Apple’s media presentation next week, according to a prominent analyst, Gene Muster of Piper Jaffray, reports Fortune:

● An iPhone 6 with a larger screen (4.7-inch), faster (A8) chip, better battery life, more RAM and an improved camera

● An iPhone 6L with an even bigger screen (5.5 inch) to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note

● A hard sapphire screen on the top-of-the-line 64-GB iPhone 6L

● An NFC (near field communications) chip in both phones and some way of showing it off

● Good (70% ) chance Apple will unveil a “payment feature,” but not necessarily a full-fledged “payment platform”

● 50% chance Apple will introduce a watch next week. (Most tech reporters are echoing re/Code’s prediction that a “wearable” will be unveiled [Tuesday, Sept. 9], but won’t ship until next year.

Muster thinks the timing of Apple’s hardware introductions may be driven by the payment feature.

To read more details about this story, please click on the link above, which will take you to the Fortune article.

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  1. And NO FM chip. Again.

    • Whoa – are you really upset because you can’t listen to local FM radio? Or is there a different meaning to FM chip. Scott, if you really want to listen to the radio, there are a BUNCH of apps for you to choose among.

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