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ABC Shakes Things Up at ‘The View’

Oct 30, 2014  •  Post A Comment

ABC’s daytime staple “The View,” which underwent an overhaul as show creator Barbara Walters headed out the door and into retirement earlier this year, has undergone a shakeup by the network. The Huffington Post reports that ABC News has taken over the show after 18 years as part of the entertainment division.

“ABC News President James Goldston on Thursday assigned Tom Cibrowski, the producer responsible for the ‘Good Morning America’ rise to the top of the ratings, and colleagues Barbara Fedida and David Sloan to work on ‘The View,'” the story reports.

The piece notes that Rosie O’Donnell, Nicolle Wallace and Rosie Perez were brought in as part of the transition from the Walters era, with host Whoopi Goldberg remaining as the only on-air holdover.

“A new production team was named led by Bill Wolff, Rachel Maddow’s former producer,” the story notes. After a fast start for the updated show, ratings have reportedly flattened.

The story reports: “Through the end of last week, ‘The View’ has averaged 2.9 million viewers, similar to the 2.92 million average during the same period last year, the Nielsen company said. There’s a sharper drop (712,000 to 652,000) among viewers aged 18-to-49 years old, a group prized by advertisers.”

But the move may be more about logistics than ratings. An ABC News spokeswoman, Julie Townsend, said it’s not about concern over ratings, and noted that Goldston, the new division boss, has been advising the new “View” team since this summer.

The piece notes that Lisa Hackner, the head of daytime TV for ABC Entertainment, is based in California, while “The View” is based in Manhattan, with its studio adjacent to ABC News headquarters.

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  1. The View is awful now. With loud mouthed Rosie there…it’s actually quite boring. Rosie Perez looks scared to death to say anything and what she does say is not relevant. And I have no clue who this Nicole person is…. Just cancel the show already!!

  2. Isn’t funny that this announcement comes on 1st day of Nielsen Sweeps and a Thursday even (when they Tape Friday’s show)…the same day of the week that they announced this current re-vamp that included Sherri and Jenny’s abrupt firings. Must monitor Twitter tonight huh?
    In the announcement of the new management oversight, the last comment was “we look forward to exciting days ahead.”
    Why not “Months or Years ahead” wouldn’t that sound much more positive for the future of this “Current version” of The View

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