Behind-the-Scenes Shakeup at Weather Channel

Oct 27, 2014  •  Post A Comment

The Weather Channel has had a behind-the-scenes shakeup, with the network opting to go with a new producer for its morning lineup, including Sam Champion’s “AMHQ,” reports TheWrap.com.

Angie Massie, a former CNN showrunner, is replacing Scott Warren, who is leaving the network.

“I know I speak for everyone and especially the ‘AMHQ’ team when I thank Scott for the energy and heart he brought to the launch of ‘AMHQ,’” Nora Zimmett, senior vice president of programing, wrote in an internal memo. “His efforts were a key factor in our being able to launch such an ambitious new morning show in just a few short months.”

Other changes were announced, with Jennifer Rigby leaving the network’s live team to become vice president of special projects. Tom Lea was tapped as vice president of newsgathering, while Chris Samsury was named vice president of talent, a new role. Howard Sappington, a veteran of the network, was promoted to vice president of live programming, the piece adds.

The shakeup is the second after “AMHQ” got off to a slow start, the report notes. In June, several freelancers were let go from the show.

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  1. Being one who has frequently spent long periods in my career flying all over the US for business on a daily basis, I have been a Weather Channel regular for twenty years.

    If I have any consideration regarding TWC, it would be that the main focus of its purpose seems, at times, to be getting blurred.

    While Sam’s morning show is populated with good people and is produced well, the emphasis appears more and more to be something to compete with GMA, or TODAY.

    That is a big mistake in my opinion. Everything they say, do, show, or talk about should be weather related, period.

    The rest of the day TWC should stick to WEATHER. It’s in the name and should be their (Only) GAME.

    There’s that old mind developed temptation, “We’re able to do this, or that, so we should”.

    Stay on purpose, Weather Channel-ers…you’ll do just fine.
    Peter Bright

  2. The show was just fine. Every guy on TWC has nailed Stephanie Abrams at her urging, but now she’s screaming sexual harassment because TWC and NBC skated on the wrongful termination of Stephanie’s lover Nicole Mitchell.

    Rest assured the cutbacks are because they’ve paid Stephanie big $buck$ to remain quiet, and to payoff Sam for their violation of his contract.

  3. Stephanie: love, love you and your beautiful weather brain BUt on Friday 2-19 “don’t get your panties in a bunch”? C’mon!!!

  4. GEE WHiZ, Does Jen and another Woman on the Morning Weather Show, EVER look in A Mirror?
    Their Hair styles need to be updated, as their hair styles both look like are a MESS, when reporting the weather that they are so good at!!! Sadly both look awful for the beautiful intelligent women they are, as they report the morning weather across our country, HOW UnCONSCIOUS Can One Get…..one section of their hair goes in one direction, the another section goes in another, we can see they both use a curling iron, that They Have Not Been Taught How to USE Properly!!! It really Blows me away that they Both look so out of place with their HAIR STYLES while wearing stylish clothes, on good looking Bodies, I simply can not understand WHY they both do not represent themselves
    so much better, I have also noticed when it come to a tight photo shot, someone in your control room will not do a Blow up on either Lady because their hair looks so off balance and terrible looking!!! Its really sad!! They’d look better if their hair was just straight, instead of curling one section and not another!

    WAKE UP LADIES, there may come a time when you will be replaced, as another woman just may know HOW to do their Hair before going to work! OR The Weather Channel should Style YOUR hair before going on AIR each morning! IS ANYONE “HOME” To Get THIS MESSAGE???????

    Honestly I mean well in bringing this up to you (Jen) You are truly a beautiful woman and must do something to update your hair style, or get it done for you before going on AIR!

    With Love and appreciation on how well you do the weather!
    Aloha, Elizabeth

  5. These people have no idea how to buy clothes, the women in particular seem to compete in a “most garish outfit” contest, and Stephanie Abrams is a disturbing character, like Mr. Ed in a dress. Naaaay, Wilbur.

  6. honestly, i still miss my longtime favorite, cheryl lemke.
    she was there when first i was exposed to TWC back in the mid/late 80s.
    many faces and voices have changed, but hers i’ll always remember.

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