Comcast Apologizes for Incident in Which Its Employees Got a Disgruntled Customer Fired From His Job

Oct 9, 2014  •  Post A Comment

Comcast is offering an apology after an embarrassing customer service problem involving a disgruntled customer who says he was fired from his accounting job after he complained about his cable billing, reports Bloomberg.

The apology was made to Conal O’Rourke, who told publications that he was fired after complaining about bills such as one that included $1,820 in charges for equipment he didn’t ask for. O’Rourke said Comcast contacted his employer, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, which works with Comcast.

In a corporate blog post, Comcast’s senior vice president for customer experience, Charlie Herrin, wrote: “What happened with Mr. O’Rourke’s service is completely unacceptable. Despite our attempts to address Mr. O’Rourke’s issues, we simply dropped the ball and did not make things right. Mr. O’Rourke deserves another apology from us and we’re making this one publicly.”

Bloomberg notes: “Comcast and Time Warner Cable Inc., the rival cable operator that it’s acquiring for $45.2 billion, consistently receive low marks in customer-satisfaction surveys in the U.S. Improving customer service may help the companies secure support for the combination. For instance, New York state regulators, which have the power to reject the transaction, may approve the deal only if concessions are agreed to, including improving customer service.”



  1. Great! Those experts at “The State” setting customer service standards ! Look out. Cable sign-ups are gonna BOOM! N

  2. Great news! A public apology! FCC and other regulators take note!! Now, if Mr. O’Rourke only still had his long-held job…

  3. A public apology is fine, but how about getting the gentleman his job back — or perhaps another, better job. And yes, provide better customer service!

  4. The customer should sue Comcast for what they did. Comcast has probably the worst, most unsympathetic, unempathetic CS function in the US. They are absolutely horrible and have proven that time and time again. Regulatory functions should hold up approval of the merger until they show concrete, consistent, sustainable improvements in service. Cable is a monopoly business and the US lags in terms of internet capabilities and costs. No company should be allowed to get to the size and footprint Comcast will have without protections in place for consumers and communities they will cover. Otherwise the same crap that happens today with csble and internet will be the no in most of the country.

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