Did ‘SNL’ Steal From Another Comedy Group?

Oct 7, 2014  •  Post A Comment

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” is being accused of stealing the idea for a sketch that appeared on Saturday’s episode of the show. The Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed reports that Ian Gary, a teacher with the sketch comedy group and school the Groundlings, is making the accusation.

Gary wrote on his Facebook page that a sketch about Tina Turner impersonators appears to have been taken from a Groundlings sketch.

“Let people know that STEALING other peoples art and passing it off as your own like you’re the biggest bully in the room is NOT okay, and stop being silent about the blatant theft of other people’s creations,” Gary wrote.

He also posted a photo of the stars of each sketch, with the women wearing similar costumes and wigs in both.

THR notes: “While both sketches have the same concept — the comediennes sing ‘Proud Mary’ as they give brief histories of their career and how they wound up as Tina Turner impersonators — the jokes themselves are different. Still, Gary argued that there are many similarities.”

The report adds: “However, a source close to the show refutes the accusation and says the ‘SNL’ writers had no knowledge of the Groundlings sketch.”

facebook photo-tina turner impersonators-snl and groundlings

Photo posted on Facebook by Ian Gary

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