Effort to Deny Radio Station’s License Over Use of ‘Redskins’ Gains Support — TV Stations May Also Be Targeted

Oct 14, 2014  •  Post A Comment

A petition by a legal activist to deny a radio station’s license because of the use of the word “Redskins” in reference to the Washington NFL team has been joined by as many as three Native Americans, B&C reports.

The original petition was filed by legal activist John Banzhaf, as we reported previously. Banzhaf is challenging the license renewal for sports radio station WWXX-FM on the grounds that the use of the word is akin to obscenity and hate speech.

Now Jay Winter NightWolf, a Native American who is also a listener to WWXX-FM, has filed his own petition in support of Banzhaf’s, B&C reports.

In the new petition, NightWolf reportedly says: “I have experienced and/or witnessed harm to myself and/or to other Native Americans which I believe was caused by the frequent repetitive use of the word ‘R*dskins’ on the air.”

The station, an ESPN Radio affiliate, is owned by Daniel Snyder, who also owns the Redskins team.

“Banzhaf says NightWolf is one of three Native Americans who have filed with the commission in support of his petition,” B&C reports. “NightWolf, himself a host of a radio show on Native American issues, is a strong opponent of use of the name. Banzhaf says the other two petitioners are producers of NightWolf’s radio show.”

NightWolf reportedly hosts the radio show “American Indian Truths,” which airs on Pacifica Radio’s WPFW.

B&C adds: “Banzhaf also says that others may challenge the station, and he expects there will be challenges to one or more L.A. TV stations, which are being targeted because it is a large market with the nearest license expiration date — Dec. 1, 2014, with petitions to deny due Nov. 3.”

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  1. If a lawsuit filed by a mere handful of citizens results in license renewal denial, then no station in the country will have their license renewed.

  2. I’m so proud of these Native Americans for standing up and doing the right thing. Whether it’s tomorrow, next year or 100 years from now, the name of Washington D.C.’s football team WILL change:).

  3. I hope this suit wins…its time to take action. Broadcasters tend to forget they get licensed to use the public airways in the public interest. This has been forgotten in the scramble to make money…a old saying was a broadcasting license was a license to print money. Time to hold some feet to the fire.

  4. As a Cherokee woman growing up a darker Red complexion than others; I always felt offended by the teams name.I sincerely hope the Owners and Team Franchise mouth pieces are forced to change the name. The R*dskins is such a hurtful and disrespectful name to those born of the Red Road. It is time for all the hidden agendas be repaired. Our people fight to be heard to be seen to be honored as a proud strong Race. Yet we are dispected at every turn… But we Shall Live Again…Ghostdance.

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