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Fans of ‘Dallas’ Ask TNT to Reconsider Cancellation

Oct 7, 2014  •  Post A Comment

Fans of the reboot of “Dallas” are asking TNT to reconsider its cancellation of the soapy drama, reports The New York Times.

An online petition has been started in an effort to round up fans of the show. As of Tuesday morning, more than 54,500 people had signed the petition, more than the goal of 44,505 signatures.

The Times notes: “TNT based its decision on declining ratings for the series, which brought the tale of the oil-rich Ewing clan into the next generation. The show rode interest in the old series to an enormous premiere audience of seven million viewers. This season’s finale dropped to 1.7 million. The show also fell 38 percent this season among the younger viewers preferred by advertisers.”




  2. BRING BACK DALLAS. Ratings – well lets see – in some area this was show was on at 6:OO pm – AND up against football. Working families coming home would tape this show to watch later that night. So – we were not the live feed that TNT is complaining about. Dallas FACEBOOK’s page has more likes than any show on TNT. A very poor management decision.

  3. Yeah of course the ratings dropped when TNT scheduled it in the Fall. TNT should have kept it on in the Summer, where its ratings flourished. Duh! its not brain surgery to see the network killed it by changing the schedule.

  4. #SaveDallas

  5. Please reconsider the huge mistake in cancelling Dallas. A much loved show that ran from 1978-1991 can do the same again. It needs a different time slot – place it where it belongs, not up against football! Splitting the seasons was another terrible move for such a fast-paced show. It’s got so much potential, it’s all right there – be smart and please don’t throw it away. #SaveDallas

  6. Bring back Dallas!!!!!! And, while you’re at it, let’s find out that Christopher WASN’T in the car. Jesse Metcalfe was given terrible storylines. Are you kidding having him dating the ranch hand played by the annoying actress from 90210? DULL. Get on the ball and make the show great again. You had a bad season, suck it up and fix it.

  7. Bring back Dallas! Putting it up against Monday Night Football on ESPN was a big mistake! It should have been left in the summer months and with the season not split up! Please reonsider this terrible decision!

  8. Splitting the third season into two made the show extremely difficult to find on TNT’s schedule. Who was the idiot at TNT who decided to split the series into two parts, not promote the show’s return, and then cancel the series?

    Hopefully A LOT of VIEWERS will still buy or rent the third season of “Dallas”, which is CURRENTLY available on Amazon.com . Amazon has expressed interest in producing original programming, for the Amazon service. “Dallas” fans should also contact Amazon, who might still be interested in the series.

    Maybe Amazon will rescue the series from cancellation, if there’s enough viewer interest.

  9. Give this show the respect it deserves….give it at least one more season for the proper closure such an iconic series has earned. #saveDALLAS

  10. Bring back DALLAS.

  11. Please save Dallas I love this new cast they are the best …. And TNT please don’t take them a way JR would not like that …. He is heaven please don’t take my show off the air I love my cast … And love there work
    …. Dallas must go on … We all love the she ….. There could never be the best new cast …… .. Love Dallas so much .. Love Serena number 1 fan

  12. Please save Dallas. It is a terrific show. There aren’t too many shows on now that have the surprises,
    great casting, great stories. Please bring the show back. There are too many stupid shows on now.
    Give us a break and have something real on tv.

  13. TnT #BringBackDallas,it’s a great show there are not many good shows left but Dallas is one of the best always has been and always will be,i’m a Original Dallas fan you cant put even the best of shows up against sport or put it on during working hrs BIG NO-NO alot of us work odd hrs so we record Dallas to watched later.Get the picture!!!

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