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How Much Advertising Is Too Much for a Streaming Service? One Major Video Streamer May Cut Back

Oct 8, 2014  •  Post A Comment

Amid concerns that the advertising load experienced by subscribers to its streaming service may be too much, Hulu reportedly is considering cutting back on advertising, according to the New York Post.

Chief executive Mike Hopkins, who took on the role in May, may reduce the ads for people who pay for Hulu Plus, which costs $7.99 per month. Some advertising executives said the move would be positive, given concern that the advertising load on Hulu Plus was starting to impact consumers’ experiences, the story says.

Hulu shows users an average of 82.3 ads per month, while YouTube and other Google-owned sites show an average of 32.3 ads per month.

Hulu declined to comment, the story says.

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  1. Yet another reason I buy netfix streaming, not hulu plus

  2. For the longest time we resisted Hulu. Paying a monthly fee only to have to watch ads anyway seemed counterintuitive (compared to Netflix). However, just recently, we relented because we have an ultra basic cable package and my wife wanted shows available on Hulu. In fairness, older seasons of shows like Wildkratts (which my son loves) do not have ads (they were originally aired on PBS so I guess that is expected). Still I watched the pilot of the Flash last nights and 30 seconds of ads here and there actually didn’t bother me. I guess if it insures getting current programming, it’s okay.

    Hey Comcast charges me 5x what Hulu does and I have to watch ads with its programming as well (even when using On Demand).

  3. I’m sure it isn’t the viewer experience that Hulu is concerned about. Rather, the effectiveness of an advertiser’s message is somewhat diluted when the same ad is streamed 8-10 times per show. I suspect many viewers contacted advertisers directly questioning the punishing level of ads they were responsible for.

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