Lawsuit Against Actress Who Refused to Do Nude Scene Gets Green Light

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The production company behind a pay-cable series received court approval for a lawsuit against an actress who refused to do a nude scene on the show. The Hollywood Reporter’s Hollywood, Esq., reports that True Crime, the company behind the Cinemax show “Femme Fatales,” is countersuing Anne Greene for alleged breach of the “nudity rider” in her contract.

“Greene, whose credits include ‘Saw 3D: The Final Chapter,’ sued first, alleging in a complaint against Time Warner, HBO, Cinemax and production company True Crime that she was bullied, sexually harassed and placed in a dangerous work environment,” the article reports. “A trial was scheduled to happen this past summer, but then, True Crime filed counterclaims at the last second over its series that premiered on May 13, 2011.”

Characterizing the program as “soft-core porn,” Greene has indicated she would not have taken the job had she known that’s what it was.

“She says she only went ahead with simulated sexual intercourse ‘under duress,’ the result of a $100,000-plus threat for breaching her contract, and that the producers violated multiple union rules and regulations, including the requirement to have a closed set and a requirement to make the performer aware in writing to any script changes involving explicit nudity and depiction of sexual intercourse,” the story reports.

But the company says Greene was sent a preview clip for the show that made it clear that the program is adult-oriented and that the cast members appear partially nude and engage in simulated sex.

“If it wasn’t clear enough, Greene also got ‘casting breakdowns’ for roles said to ‘require partial nudity,’ defined as ‘chest’ and ‘behind,'” according to the production company, the piece adds.

The producer alleges that Greene never expressed a problem with the nature of the material until the last minute, when she balked at simulating oral sex. “The producer says it ‘accommodated Greene’s concern and revised the script’ and didn’t ‘attempt to convince, persuade or coerce Greene to perform any scenes against her will or to which she expressed objection or discomfort,'” the story reports.

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  1. There is a reason that the network is known by anyone in the trade and most viewers as “skinemax”. If she was really poorly treated, that is wrong. But if she is claiming she had no idea what this show (which has been on for two seasons) was about, she is full of BS.

  2. It could just be me, but I would assume most actors going in for a role on an existing show might watch an episode first.

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