Weather Channel Co-Founder Denies Climate Change, Blasts Al Gore — Here’s the Video

Oct 29, 2014  •  Post A Comment

Weatherman and Weather Channel co-founder John Coleman told Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File” that climate change is fake, and also slammed former Vice President Al Gore for making “a billion dollars off climate change,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Shame on you, Al Gore,” Coleman said. He also complained that climate skeptics “can rarely get on TV, ever since Al Gore made it a plank of the Democratic Party.”

The story notes, “Coleman criticized the notion that carbon dioxide is a significant greenhouse gas, adding that thousands of experts have signed a petition to that effect. He also said that the ice caps are not melting.”

“More polar bears are alive and happy today than we’ve had in a hundred years,” he said.

Here’s the interview:


  1. You have to be kidding! Really?

  2. It is about time. It would be great if all the scientists who agree would do a paper.

  3. Science is about data from multiple sources, not “agreement” among scientists exposed to a single repository for data. Gore is wrong, but it’s hard to convince a Democrat.

  4. All you have to do is LOOK at the weather and see that something is up. I guess he doesn’t watch his own channel. When are stupid republicans going to be ignored and send to their room with no dinner.

  5. “Blah blah blah REPUBLICAN blah blah…”
    “Yadda yadda yadda DEMOCRAT yadda yadda…”

    Kill ’em all. Let God sort ’em out.

    note: I don’t actually believe in God.

  6. It’s amazing that there are people who can’t believe facts when they’re so bleeping obvious. Every month there’s a new record for the warmest month in recorded history, but, only if you believe in it??? These people must not care a whit about their grandchildren or the world THEY will have to live in.

  7. Looking out the window or comparing month-over-month temperatures is completely irrelevant to the issue of global climate. Those who have politicized this issue rely on “belief”, and have turned the entire issue into dogma tantamount to religion. “Non-believers” are to be ridiculed and ostracized. Believers are the enlightened ones.

    That is not science. Science relies on data, which either confirms or refutes a hypothesis. Science has no agenda, other than discovering the facts, and science makes no value judgement. Mr. Coleman mentioned some facts about ice caps and polar bear population that don’t fit the dogma of the true believers. Scientists would react with further study of the data. Believers react emotionally and defensively, because this is their holy war.

    “The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.” ― Neil deGrasse Tyson

  8. Shhhhh. Don’t say anything against the liberal’s religion ! The most intolerant of all groups will call you every name in the book and go out of their way to shut you up.

  9. I used to like Coleman’s shtick on local TV…but his wrong-headed denial of what is going on with the environment is ludicrous. Stupid people say stupid things. He’s not immune–and it ain’t a partisan issue, even though the Republican Reptiles think everything is hunky-dory. You don’t have to be stupid to be a Republican, but all Republicans are stupid!

  10. I worked with John Coleman at KUSI. If he wants to find some Republicans, he should start in the sports department. My old pal Paul Rudy could point them all out to him. And then of course he could check with the owners of the station.

    I notice John didn’t give any sources for his certainty that the ice caps aren’t melting but just having a weather guy say they aren’t is good enough for FOX News.

  11. Another day, and Fox finds another half-crazed old flat-earth crank who denies that climate change is real.

    Statistics do not lie, pal.

  12. John Coleman may have read the weather on TV but he has no scientific training. He has a BA in journalism. He also once did an American Bandstand-style show, but that doesn’t make him a concert pianist, either.

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