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Amid Ratings Freefall for ‘The View,’ ABC Is Said to Be Secretly Wooing Two Former Hosts Back to the Show

Nov 12, 2014  •  Post A Comment

As ratings for the ABC morning chatfest “The View” continue a downward spiral, ABC executives are secretly talking with former hosts Sherri Shepherd and Joy Behar about returning to the program, reports the U.K. publication The Daily Mail.

The goal is to bring back fans of Shepherd and Behar to the program, the report notes.

Current co-host Rosie O’Donnell reportedly hasn’t been told that the former co-hosts have been approached, the article notes, adding that a reason for the secrecy is that “Rosie hates everything that isn’t an idea of hers.”

“The View” is facing a fourth straight season of ratings declines, and is down 30% from five years ago in the 18-34 demographic, the story says. Ratings are down from the show’s previous season, which featured Whoopi Goldberg, Shepherd, Barbara Walters and Jenny McCarthy.

The current co-host lineup includes Rosie Perez, Nicolle Wallace, O’Donnell and returning moderator Goldberg.

“ABC has approached both former co-hosts agents about the possibility of returning in a more permanent capacity, and apparently Shepherd is showing resistance about coming back to the place she called home for seven years,” the article reports.

Shepherd recently agreed to join the cast of TV Land’s “The Soul Man.”

joy behar-sherri shepherd

Joy Behar, left, and Sherri Shepherd


  1. Yeah that show is unwatchable ….Rosie Perez is so scared to death..Rosie O is a bully….and I have no idea why this Nicole woman is on there….dump them and get Joy back!!!

  2. I’d like to see Joy again but NOT SHERRI!!! I’ve heard all I ever want to know about Jeffrey!

  3. Sherri and Joy move forward…we miss you, but if it was time to go…

  4. Whoopie & Wallace great. Rosie p very enjoyable Sorry to say I don’t think Rosie o’d adds much. Looks like shes always “on”. Wallace 1st conservative I actually like. Wish she would run for something. Then we’d have one GOPer with a brain I’m ultra, ultra liberal, so that’s saying a lot. Sherri XXX ( hard to get past her son & her teeth). Joy was always good. Missed her.

  5. I love it!!!!! at first i was like why is this Nicole person on there?! but fell in love with her…Love love her..love everyone else.

  6. I totally agree Georgia. Nicole is absolutely delightful! I must admit I did not think this current ensemble was going to be interesting. I was pleasantly surprised and I feel if others would tune in and give them a chance they too would agree. I hope ratings increase because I don’t want to see any replacements. However, I wouldn’t mind having Joy back 🙂

  7. The first few episodes with the new cast I was sure I was going to dislike Nicole; however, she has been the biggest pleasant surprise. I appreciate the fact that they do not all speak at one time – which used to drive me nuts with the old group. The one I miss the most is Joy. Willing to give it a little more time.

  8. I love the new line up not a republican fan But I love Nicole,both Rosies and of course the Define whoopi to be able to sit n watch The View without everyone talking over each other .To the suits at ABC !!! !!!!!chilllax give the show some time!!!!! And Rosie O has changed !!!! If these women were men.this won’t be discussed when a women has a voice n a brain then we r Bitches n Bullies give me break… It was fine when we had to sit through Barbara’s (CRS) and couldn’t read the prompter….

  9. I thought I wouldn’t like the 2 Rosie’s and Nicole (who I had never heard of) and I am pleasantly surprised! I think the dynamics of the 4 women are great!!! I never could understand why Joy Behar was so popular. I turned the show off whenever she went on a rant (and that was almost daily)!! Sherry, “grew too big for her britches” so to speak, the longer she was on the show!! And I was sick to death of hearing about, “Jeffrey”!!!!! If those 2 come back….I’ll take it off auto record and never watch again!!!! Whoopi ‘s my favorite part of the show though!!!

  10. I had watched the show–either live or thanks to DVR–everyday since 2007. Whatever changes occurred I went with it. First and foremost, I LOVE Whoopi Goldberg. The last season was the first season that I had trouble adapting to. While Joy got on my nerves & Elizabeth could drive my crazy a lot of the time; I had to admit that I missed Joy & liked Elizabeth far more than Jenny McCarthy. I also didn’t like how Sherri seemed to change with Jenny on the show & especially after Barbara retired. All of that said after a few weeks of this season, I reluctantly quit watching and I don’t miss it. I miss Whoopi a lot but not the show. Rosie O drives me nuts & it isn’t political either. While I like the other two women–they don’t bring anything to the show. Nicole Wallace seems to be a smart & articulate woman but she’s too meek to stand up to Rosie O. and I am not a Republican but an Independent. I also don’t like the new format; the set, the everything–maybe it is also whatever is happening behind the camera.

  11. Just finished watching an interview with the Downton Abbey cast. The women were really ill prepared or it as many errors were made (from mispronunciation of the name of the series or wrong character name).This is just one of a series of the poor quality of interview skills observed on this show. I’ve been watching The View since its onset and have recognized the most recent decline in content material, poor interaction of the women interviewers, and lack of knowledge regarding the topics presented. I’m not sure if this program will be capable of being resurrected. It’s truly disappointing because, in its early onset this show was highly entertaining and worth viewing.

  12. I grew to enjoy the show. Now with the latest lineup, I find myself migrating to another network.
    I still enjoy whoopy G. But I can’t handle the Rosie’s.
    Our country is in disarray because of ppl like Rosie O.
    I’ll check back from time to time to see if things get fixed.

  13. I’ve watched the show from day 1 thanks to VCR and now DVR and I’ve visited the show many times through all the co-hosts except the current ones. (Stand outside for 2 hours for the current roster….I think not.) I think it may have been best when Joy and Elizabeth were co-hosts. Although I was sick of Joy rolling her eyes with what she did not agree with and she and Elizabeth were normally opposed to any “view” of each other’s, it was interesting. They were from different generations but both were extremely intelligent and gave us food for thought. I especially looked forward to election times. Of course Barbara was the glue throughout all the bickering. I did not know who Nicole was but she is sweet, intelligent and way too good for this mess; even Sherri and Jenny were more interesting than this crew.

    OK, looking forward; GET RID OF THE ROSIE’S!! How about Allison Sweeney who could capture several generations? A man on the panel – Dan Abrams?

    Please don’t let the show go down in flames.

  14. The show has lost its appeal. I stopped watching. It’s not the view its,the whooping view she’s the bully. Time for something new and fresh. The less I see whooping the better her opinion is not the only one and I disagree with her views. Bring joy and sherry back will not work. Show needs to go.

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