Discovery’s Next Extreme Stunt: Man to Be Eaten by Giant Snake — Here’s the Trailer

Nov 6, 2014  •  Post A Comment

Discovery is preparing what EW.com’s Inside TV calls its “next extreme stunt,” which will involve a man being eaten by a giant anaconda snake.

The program, “Eaten Alive,” will track wildlife filmmaker Paul Rosolie as he dons a custom-made snake-proof suit and allows himself to be swallowed by the giant snake.

“We’re told Rosolie covered himself in pig’s blood to make himself appetizing to the snake,” the story reports. “Since the ‘snake-proof suit’ has a cord on the top of it, Rosolie is presumably pulled back out the snake’s mouth after being ‘eaten.’ We are also told the snake does not die.”

Discovery assured the publication that the stunt is not a hoax. The stunt has already been filmed and will air Dec. 7. It’s being promoted as part of “Mega Week” on Discovery.

Here’s a promo clip:

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