Know an Excellent Journalism School? If So, Please Participate in Our Short Survey

Nov 5, 2014  •  Post A Comment

TVWeek and our acclaimed NewsPro magazine are conducting a survey about the top journalism education programs and we would like to know your opinion.

We have a short ​five-question survey in which we invite you to participate.  Your opinion will help us determine the top journalism education programs in the country, with our report to be written up in an upcoming issue of NewsPro.

Please click on the following link to participate:



  1. The University of Oklahoma Journalism School turned out some good, solid news people back in the day, but we were a different breed. Editors actually edited our copy, and we had to provide sources for every word. None of this gathering of rumors then quoting, “The White House said today,” or “Protestors complained bitterly,” or “Democrats grieved,” We were required to have a named source for our information, at least know a name to credit, even if we agreed to keep the name confidential. We did not scoop up loose comments that agreed with our opinions, then report our findings as reliable. A university-produced journalist took pride in the profession. I hope the Gaylord School of Journalism is sticking to those standards.

  2. OU”s J-school has turned out a number of great journalists, thanks to some wonderful instructors who set high standards. one of those students (warren vieth) is on the faculty and i’m sure he is keeping the high standards,

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