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More Women Allege Sexual Assault by Bill Cosby — What the Actor’s Attorney Is Saying About It

Nov 21, 2014  •  Post A Comment

More women are publicly saying they were sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby, with one woman, Linda Joy Traitz of Florida, using her Facebook page to describe an incident she says took place when she was 19, People magazine reports.

Traitz wrote that when she worked at a Cosby-owned restaurant in Los Angeles, he offered her a ride home. Instead, he allegedly took her to the beach and offered her “pills to relax” that he took out of a suitcase, and then reportedly became “sexually aggressive,” the story says. She demanded that he take her home.

In a statement, Cosby’s attorney, Marty Singer, said: “Linda Joy Traitz is making ridiculous claims and suddenly seems to have a lot to say about a fleeting incident she says happened with my client more than 40 years ago. There was no briefcase of drugs and this is an absurd fabrication.”

Carla Ferrigno, the wife of “Incredible Hulk” star Lou Ferrigno, said on a radio show Thursday that Cosby once kissed her “forcefully” while they were playing pool, the story reports.

Singer added: “This continued pattern of attacks on Mr. Cosby has entered the realm of the ridiculous, with a purported ‘forceful kiss’ at a party in 1967, nearly 50 years ago, being treated as a current ‘news story’ and grossly mischaracterized as ‘sexual assault.’ This is utter nonsense. People coming out of nowhere with this sort of inane yarn is what happens in a media-driven feeding frenzy.”

Singer also dismissed claims by former actress Louisa Moritz, now 68, who told TMZ that Cosby forced her to perform oral sex backstage when she was waiting to appear on Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show” in 1971.

“We’ve reached the point of absurdity. The stories are getting more ridiculous,” Singer said. “I think people are trying to come up with these wild stories in order to justify why they have waited 40 to 50 years to disclose these ridiculous accusations.”

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  1. I was raped as a young woman and I can assure you I did not keep it quite for 40 or fifty years. If I had I would never have come out 40 years later as these woman have,-knowing I would be put on the front of the news. If I could keep it to my self for that long I would never want it known.

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