Nielsen Tests Measurement of Out-of-Home Viewing, Reveals How Much It Adds to the Total

Nov 7, 2014  •  Post A Comment

After a three-month test of measuring how people watch TV outside of their homes, Nielsen said the practice results in a significant boost to ratings, Deadline.com reports.

“For the test, Nielsen captured out-of-home viewing data over a three-month period beginning in April of this year. The test revealed, over the total day (5 AM-5 AM), out-of-home viewing added 7%-9% to the numbers among viewers aged 25-54, aka the news demo,” the story reports.

Nielsen found that during the daytime, viewers watch TV in offices and other out-of-home locations.

“Sports programming saw the biggest spikes; in April, for instance, sports ratings increased 14%,” the story reports. “But Nielsen also discovered these viewers who go to places like offices during the day, and have access to TVs, watch other things. News, for instance.”

Said Matt O’Grady, executive vice president and managing director at Nielsen: “Understanding how consumers view television away from home is critical to our clients and measuring out-of-home expands the viewing pie, as this test demonstrated.”

The Deadline report adds: “We can attest to that — we’ve been hearing how critical it is for a couple decades now, from exasperated network and studio execs, including one who reacted to today’s news of Nielsen’s test by noting the audience measurement company ‘is always a couple steps behind.’”


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