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Report: NBC Will Offer Job on ‘Today’ to a Member of the British Royal Family

Nov 5, 2014  •  Post A Comment

NBC reportedly plans to offer a job to a member of the British royal family. The New York Post’s Page Six reports that the network is about to offer a correspondent role on “Today” to Pippa Middleton, the 31-year-old sister of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.

The offer comes after NBC sent Middleton to a test shoot in Utah, the story reports. Middleton gave “Today” a ratings boost last June, when she was interviewed by Matt Lauer.

Other networks have also reportedly been trying to hire Middleton. The NBC deal would feature Middleton reporting on issues such as lifestyle and health, rather than the British royal family, the piece notes.

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Matt Lauer with Pippa Middleton on “Today”


  1. Pipa Middleton is not a member of British Royalty. Her father was an airline pilot & her mother a stewardess.

  2. ZZzzzzz.

  3. Saying NBC is offering a job to a member of the royal family seems to imply it’s Harry or William, instead it’s…Pippa Middleton. To be clear Pippa Middleton is NOT a member of the royal family. Claiming so implies NBC is trying to ride off the reputation of the Royals. Nothing against Pippa but having a ratings spike when she appears for a sit down interview is very different from holding ones own as a correspondent. Who’s idea was this? And what authority does she hold where people would look to her as a credible voice regarding lifestyle and health?
    In all honesty Pippa demonstrated a lack of etiquette on the heels of her sisters wedding by trying to capitalize on her sister marrying into the crown, which shows poor form indeed. She showed that she lacked the required decorum one expects from the Windsors, therefore it really is a stretch to call her (or mistake her) for a member of the royal family. Kate married into the royal family. Pippa did not. She is simply Kate’s sister.
    If she were to take the position it feels like another attempt to capitalize off her sister’s marriage, (which may draw ratings in the beginning but I’m not so sure whether the ratings would last). I guess that depends on how good/engaging she is in front of the cameras.

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