Why Jay Leno Backed Out of Vegas Gig

Nov 20, 2014  •  Post A Comment

Jay Leno has pulled the plug on an upcoming appearance in Las Vegas, and a spokesman for the former “Tonight Show” host said it had to do with Leno finding out what kind of an event he had agreed to participate in.

UPI reports that the event is a gun show put on by lobbyists against gun control whose group is based near the site of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting.

“Leno was scheduled to host the 2015 Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show, but upon learning it was backed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation — a Newtown, Conn.-based pro-gun group, similar to the National Rifle Association — Leno quickly backed out and contacted the parents of victims of the 2012 shooting that killed 26 people,” the story reports.

Leno’s spokesman Bruce Bobbins said: “When it came to his attention that this was actually a pro-gun lobby show, [Leno] immediately canceled his appearance.”

Leno apparently had been under the impression that the show was non-political and was strictly about hunting.

The pro-gun organization blamed Leno’s cancellation on pressure from anti-gun advocates.

On its blog, the NSSF said: “[Leno] unilaterally cancelled his promised appearance due to pressure from the anti-gun lobby, which included false statements about our industry and its commitment to genuine firearms safety, which we attempted to personally correct with him, but to no avail.”

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  1. They should give the gig to Conan… just sayin’.

  2. Every time it seems apparent Leno might be at least middle-of-the-road, he does something to prove he’s as far left as most of the rest of the entertainment community.

  3. Priscilla Joyce Ford (February 10, 1929 – January 29, 2005) was a mass murderer who was sentenced to death for killing six people, and injuring 23 more, driving down a Reno sidewalk on Thanksgiving Day in 1980. I guess Jay won’t be doing any car show gigs either!

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