Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert Retires His Conservative Host Character

Dec 19, 2014  •  Post A Comment

After nine years on Comedy Central, Stephen Colbert ended “The Colbert Report” and retired the conservative character who has been hosting the show for its entire run, reports the Associated Press.

“He was last seen gliding through the clouds in the backseat of Santa’s sleigh beside Alex Trebek (don’t ask),” the story notes.

The report adds: “Before that, after offing the Grim Reaper and declaring himself immortal (don’t ask), he led a glorious singalong in the studio with a room of luminaries ranging from ‘Daily Show’ host Jon Stewart, Andy Cohen and Big Bird to George Lucas, Arianna Huffington and Henry Kissinger.”

Fans will see Colbert again next year, when he takes over CBS’s “Late Show,” although he won’t appear in character.

The AP report notes: “‘The Colbert Report’ (both t’s were always silent) premiered in October 2005 as a spoof of the show hosted by Fox News Channel personality Bill O’Reilly. But the Colbert character developed into a shrewdly satirical observer, preaching the opposite of what real-life Stephen Colbert meant to put across. For this nightly display of Opposite Day, Colbert won a devoted audience of so-called ‘heroes,’ plus critical acclaim and two Peabody Awards, which noted that ‘what started as a parody of punditry is now its own political platform.'”

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