DirecTV Readying Rate Increases

Dec 30, 2014  •  Post A Comment

In what is being called an “annual tradition,” DirecTV is set to raise the prices of all of its programming packages. Variety reports that prices will rise as much as 6%.

The price increases will be effective Feb. 5.

“The No. 1 satcaster, in a message to customers, said it will raise the baseline price of the Entertainment package to $59.99 per month (up 3.5%), while the Xtra package will increase to $77.99 a month (up 5.5%),” the story reports. “Its Ultimate package will increase 6% to $86.99 monthly, and the Premier plan will climb 5.4% to $136.99 per month.”

DirecTV has bumped up prices each year for the past decade. When it does so, it points the finger at programmers for the rate increases, and claims its hikes are less than competitors, Variety notes.

“Every year, the owners of the television channels you watch demand higher prices,” the company wrote in a message to customers posted on its website.


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  1. One less viewer for DirecTV. This year I did more online viewing and now this will just push me there faster, along with many of my friends who are reviewing the increases in their cable bills.

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