Fox News Viewers Come Out in Force About Dish Blackout

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Fox News viewers “burned up the phones and fired off thousands of emails” to vent their frustration over the cable network’s blackout on Dish Network, TVNewser reports.

“On Sunday alone, Fox News recorded 36,000 emails to Dish via Fox’s ‘Keep Fox News’ website, which allows visitors to immediately fire off an email to Dish, make a phone call, or find a new television provider,” the story reports. “The site has resulted in a total of 116,000 emails and 156,000 phone calls — 32,000 alone just on Sunday.”

A Fox News post on Facebook about the blackout has received 85,000 likes and 37,000 shares, as well as 27,000 comments, the piece adds. Many of those comments threaten to drop Dish service if Fox News isn’t restored.

Fox News went dark Sunday after negotiations between Fox and Dish failed to produce an agreement late Saturday.

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  1. Dish has lost me as a subscriber, hopefully thousands of others will also vote with their feet.

    • I can’t believe they are so stupid I have had Dish only because it seems to have the 2 most important chanels (at least they are For me) I watch Fox news and The blaze most of the time I THINK IT IS SELFISH and UNCALLED for That they took of FOX I am looking around for another carrier as well

  2. While a big fan of Fox, I sincerely appreciate the effort Dish has been making of late to keep prices down. It’s ridiculous to pay what you do only to have people like Fox come along and ask for even more. As far as I’m concerned they get a lot “more” with all their advertising and commercials. All of which I don’t get to see one dime.

    • Great comment Andy.

      People complain all the time about the price of cable and when somebody stands up for them they balk. If your a real capitalist you should moving to Dish and force Fox to meet deman.

      Just for my own two cents:
      Why do I need to pay Fox in my cable bill? There supposed to get there money from there advertisers. So I think I should get to pick exactly which stations I get on my cable and see no ads or I pay nothing to the content provider and they get there money from ads.

  3. I’m tired of the lying and infigting between Fox and Dish. Fox says Dish blocked them out. Dish says Fox pulled their stations. I’m sick of it. So much for fair and balanced. Fox: come to an agreement with Dish on the Fox News and Fox Business. If you want Dish to carry other Fox channels do that separately. Everyone wants to MAKE more money but no one wants to PAY more money. I am fast coming to the conclusion that there is not enough worth watching to even have satellite or cable service. Most of what is on is filth , garbage and idiocy. By the time you come to an agreement with Dish I won’t care becasue I will have gladly thrown my tV through the window.

  4. I called dish Sunday and told them that if fox news wasn’t restored by Monday i would be looking for another carrier I’m tired of these companies using customers as pawns. I pay over $ 130 a month for service and i expect to get service i watch fox more than i watch anything. I am now looking at direct tv to make the change if they can get here before fox is restored than its a done deal

  5. I called Dish on Sunday AM and cancelled my account. It took hours and back and forth with Dish. What a pain. Now I have Time Warner. My new service has included Fox Business, faster Internet, and Internet phone for $40 a month less. Dish emailed my today with an offer of $570 to come back to Dish. I will never go back to Dish.

  6. When I called DISH on Sunday morning, I was told by customer service that they would gladly disconnect my service. The rep’s attitude was flippant and disrespectful. Speaks volumes of how they value their customers. The WSJ indicates that DISH pays $0.99/month/subscriber for FOX, et al. Do the math – 14.1 milliion subscribers and they save about $0.03/day/account. That works out to over $450,000 per day that they gain in real profit (no expense for FOX, but they are still charging each account). It is to their advantage to stall/delay the talks for as long as possible. Direct TV is being installed on Saturday and they offer a bunch of good packages free, including two years of the NFL package, etc. Drop DISH like a bad habbit.

  7. Dish will be history at our house after Christmas if Fox issue not resolved… This is third loss of valued networks this year…. They further added insult to injury with their replacement programming…… Tried to communicate with Dish customer service online last night… My call was 119th in the wait queue…. Sad comment on their decision makers….

  8. Good riddance to all you FOX lovers. DISH does more than any carrier to KEEP PRICES DOWN. And DISH has always bent over backwards to keep this customer happy.

  9. Bs I pay more to Dish than I ever did to Directv, I started out less than$ !00.00 and now pay $123.00 It just keeps creeping up!! I am still waiting the outcome of where Fox is going?? They are the only TV channel that gives you a true picture of what is going on in the world!!! I will go where ever Fox goes. It must be true that the gov. is trying to shut down all of the conservative talk shows and Fox tv . It must be a liberal attack on free speech!!! Well you are not going to win!! I will cancel my Dish tv and watch Fox News on the computor Anita Phillips

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  11. We usually watch four hours of FOX news on DISH mornings. Later, we watch Bill O’Reilly, Megan Kelly, and Sean Hannity. This amounts to most all of our TV watching daily. Sure makes me wonder why we are paying around $160 to DISH each month.

    Who do we blame for this FOX News drop? We blame DISH!!!

  12. I disovered that I was paying for 2 recievers for a year When I actually have one. Dish would not refund what I paid for it. I think Dish will be OK no matter how much Fox wants.

  13. I have several large accounts, called last night to make sure none where under contract and when I told the guy I might be leaving after twelve years he responded with “would you like to cancel right now?”. Someone called today to offer a $50.00 a month credit on each account for three months. I will be installing DirecTV right after Christmas and keeping the dish sub for the three months but switching to a minimum programming package on dish just to make them bleed. Sorry Charlie….

  14. No Fox—No dish at our home. If it is not settled by 1-1-15

  15. Have been waiting since last Sunday to see what transpires in this blackout. This Monday I will be switching to direct TV. Dish also offered me discounts, I could care less about that. To all the fox haters they have no idea what real news is. I have been a news hound for over 65 years, the news back then came from several sources, all respectable and truthful. All we have now is a bunch of one way liberal reporters spewing their biased crap everywhere. Hooray for fox news, I can hardly wait for Monday to switch.

  16. A lot of my friends are switching to the Dish network, in support of blocking Fox news. The bulk of the country is sick and tired of the lies, distortions and out right lies , from the Fox news network. They ruin lives. Please do not bring Fox news back…..

    • Your comments are interesting considering that the main stream media has been the ones not reporting news that makes this President look bad. I am wondering exactly who is ruining whose lives? If the country is sick and tired of the lies, then I would suggest they stop watching the main stream media.

    • Simply put, you are an idiot jen.

      • Name calling. That always wins the argument, right?

  17. I am seriously considering going back to rabbit ears. It is crazy to pay the outrageous prices DISH, Directv, and the cable companies charge while still flooding you with commercials. Feel like I paying to get advertising sent to me.

  18. We have been with Dish for 14 years but we will find another service if they don’t get Fox News back. The Blaze and Fox News are the only news channels that we trust, all others are at the bidding of our Royal family in the White House.

  19. Both are wrong and greedy! Look at the commercials on FOX News. More and More! Hey FOX! How about paying less of those worthless contributors. I miss a few of the personalities, but not those God awful ads. Vaginal mesh and erectile dysfunction! Clean your house up FOX and I’ll come stronger to your defense!

  20. Yes I watch Fox News religiously but getting sick and tired of them touting how great they are. Number one in news? Don’t forget who put you there!!! Greedy beastards!!!

  21. Jen! How long have you been a leftwing MORON? FOX is the only network that comes close to telling the truth. Went to your suggested website and have never seen such a collection of losers and idiots. I guess you’re known by the company you keep. Good luck to ya. You’ll need it.

  22. I subscribed to dish specifically for Fox News. No Fox, no Dish at my house. I will go where the Fox News is carried. Dish is cutting off their nose to spite their face. So looks Luke Direct will be the ultimate winner.


  24. Despite all of the accusations etc… I do believe that the cutting of Fox News is purely a political move. Many of the higher powers that be do not like to be exposed for the things that they do.

  25. I called Dish last week & requested when FOX News would be back on. They gave me some double talk & took 10.00 of my monthly bill. Seems like they do not get the picture, was not calling to get a reduction in price, want FOX News. Any suggestions where I should go to get FOX coverage? What’s the best reception Cable or Dish systems? I will be switching soon if FOX is not reset. Hate to do this but just hate the left leaning, lies, from the liberal media. Long live FOX News.

  26. The sad news is we just switched to Dish in Nov. and now we’re stuck for 2 more years! Even if FOX returns, I’m not sure the negative feeling that this has created will ever be erased. I’ll be counting down and looking for their replacement in Nov. 2016.

    • I am in the same situation. My take is dish broke our contract when they stopped carrying the stations that were on the package I signed up for. They can do as they like. Good luck getting any more money from me. My credit is great and I can dispute any negative posts they wish to refer to the credit agencies. Good by and good riddance DISH

  27. We have DISH and have for ten years. Recently we switched to DISH for our internet as well. we were tired of being well and truely raped by Verizon. Unfortunatly, out here in the weeds, DISH is what we can get. We have loved them for FOX news and Theblaze. Could do without the stupid video game channel….
    At any rate somebody is tellin’ stories here. DISH says FOX, FOX says DISH. I really don’t care. Even though I am stuck with DISH I will say this about both of ya:
    You may not be chicken sheite, but ya both got hen house ways! Fix it!

  28. I called a week ago and was told dish was working with Fox news to get the channel back on the air. It doesn’t look like any progress has been made. If the blockage continues, how many customers will you lose, I will be one.

  29. I am unhappy to say that both dish and fox news doesn’t give a crap about their viewers or they would swallow some of their pride and the love of money and really
    I mean really get down to business and find a solution to their dilemma,And if dish
    does drop fox news then myself and eight members of my family will drop dish.
    and contract with direct witch carries fox.

  30. The only reason I got dish was to get O’Reilly, Kelly and Hannity. Now since you no longer permit these shows to be seen on dish, kindly send me the forms I need to discontinue my subscription to Dish, so that I can get a more reliable provider.

  31. Dish you suck. Enough, you and Jennifer can both go suck it. There is a big rally to shut them down today 1/1/15. Call Direct TV they are making big gg gg offers to switch. Bye bye!

  32. Hey Chucky at Dish,
    I do not negotiate with TV Terrorist. I have paid you good money for 120 channels of which I watch 5, you know, the ones YOU took off the air while looking out for my
    “best interest”. You want to talk extortion? You can point your finger at whoever you want, but you ought to look in the mirror to see the true extortionist.
    Bottom line is I am no longer going to pay you for a service that you don’t deliver.
    NEWSFLASH Chucky: Your junk “equipment” was just dropped off at UPS to be returned to you at MY EXPENSE.
    If you think this is the last you will hear from me you are sorely mistaken. I have been talking with my neighbors and coworkers and several have dumped your so called “service”. Stock in your company is also being sold because of your negotiation tactics . As far as I am concerned, you can smoke a turd in hell.
    Hasta La Vista Chucky

  33. I believe that all of the corporations that own these channels are as much to blame as dish for the recent outages. that being said I was told by dish that they were looking out for my best interest and keeping prices low. while there may be some truth in this we all know that dish is not willing to take a hit to the profit margin in my best interest.I also say shame on fox as they are making money hand over fist between advertising and extorting dish and the like. I am really sick of all of the BS on both sides of the debate. I am done with dish. go back to my cable provider or maybe just use the internet and over air channels. we can always hope for the demise of cable and satellite providers I would like to see a internet based system where we can pick what we actually want to watch.

  34. First of all Fox is not even a real News outlet folks , they are really just entertainment , which is their fall back answer when then get it wrong. 2nd they one of the WORST stations I have ever watched and I say Good By to a source that fills people heads with all the garbage they put out. Glad their off the air!!!

  35. Oh and I will be keeping my Dish….go Dish and don’t be bullied by Fox.

  36. Dear Dish,
    I can’t believe you would discontinue FOX!!! It is the station I watch the most on cable! It’s the only major news station that gives Americans the truth!!! The news on the other major stations is mostly controlled by Obama. We need one decent conservative news station if this country is to survive! I understand your problem, but you can’t cut off your nose to spite your face!!! (old saying) Work it out with FOX and get them back on or we will be canceling and changing to another cable station! We have been satisfied with DISH’S service, but you leave us no other choice!

  37. I’m sticking with Dish. Foxnews is my preferred news channel but from what I have found from my own research is that Fox realizes they have great ratings and want to simply cash in through extortion! It’s ridiculous. I refuse to go back to direct tv. I’ll watch the blaze, cnn and catch fox online. Very disappointed in Fox… I’m sure their ratings will suffer if we demand a “fair” agreement with Dish. Let’s make them suffer and realize we pay enough.

  38. Good for dish. First CNN now Fox. Keep it up, do not let them pressure you into price increases. You will gain more customers keeping price down than you ever will ever lose by not having fox. I love capitalism!

  39. What is the best way to watch online?
    I stopped Cinemax and Showtime saving 28 a month in protest

  40. Dish is about to loose me as a customer get Fox News and Fox Business back now and come to angreement with Fox Dish this is just uncalled for

  41. When I signed up for DISH, I paid extra to get the FOX business channel so I could watch
    Don Imus, now I get neither one. DISH and FOX both share blame in this, but corporate
    greed seems to be the real culprit. I’m probably going back to Direct TV as bad as I hate to, but
    I want my FOX. I will not be returning to DISH.

  42. When you have a line up you pay the best hitters the most money. That’s life. You don’t pay a third string catcher the same money as your star. To keep your star sometimes you sell the catcher. That’s business in the real world. FOX is the star and they have earned it.If you trade them you loose. Hello Direct TV.

  43. We are seriously considering dropping Dish. We believe Dish broke their half of the contract by removing FOX channels we paid for in our package. Dish probably thinks they are the only ones due a penalty fee for the broken contract..

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