How Fox News Got 20,000 People to Call Dish Network

Dec 16, 2014  •  Post A Comment

Fox News may disappear from Dish, as its current deal with the satellite-TV provider is slated to expire Saturday at 11:59 p.m. ET, reports TVNewser.

Viewers of the NFL game on Fox Sunday were shown an ad that asked Dish customers to ask the satellite carrier to continue Fox News on its service, the story adds.

“We are simply notifying our viewers about the possibility of not being able to access Fox News on their current satellite TV provider,” Tim Carry, executive vice president of distribution for Fox News, told the publication.

About 20,000 people called the number provided by Fox and 75,000 visited the website, the story notes. This marks the third Dish contract expiration to become public in the last few months, following Dish’s expiring deals with Turner and CBS, which led to channel blackouts until new deals were struck.

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  1. Please keep Fox news it’s the only one who tells the truth. Others are garbage

    • You live in a bizzaro world along with fox.

      • Marty, Fox is the only fair news station out there. The others are liberal, obama worshiping jerks. If you want the truth, watch Fox news.

        • Tom, totally agree! The other news networks are Obama’s Pravda News outlets to promote this pResident’s communist ideology

          • Your an idiot. Typical Fox viewer

        • I suppose it’s just coincidence that viewers of FoxNews have been proven to be MORE ill-informed about actual facts than people who don’t watch any news.

        • Total bullshit. Fox viewers automatically get their IQ’s lowered by 40 points. It has been proven that Fox viewers actually know less factually then people who watch no news at all.

      • hey marty, u typical stupid lib……laugh all u want, because we have the blaze and newsmax…

        • Please work on your secession. We applaud your efforts to get an oligarchical, evangelical, gun nut culture with the Trumpster as president. We just don’t want to live in it. If you want to be the shills of the Koch brothers and John Birchers, have at it.

    • Keep Fox News??????? I recently had a stroke and it keeps me entertained..

      • Ahhh is this the news(used lightly) mag that published a story about a fake rape?

    • Dec 22, 2014: I made the switch! No more Foxnews on my tv=No more Dish Net in my house.

      • Qvarizona how did you drop dish without paying early termination fee? I have 6months remaining on my contract with dish & they threatened me with a $400 early termination fee when I tried dropping them last week. I am livid with dish but will not just give them $400 for nothing, rather I call them daily to remind them that of my disgust with their network.

    • I’m looking for people on dish that are getting screwed by dish since they pulled fox news. I just finished talking with them and they say I will be charged early termination when I signed up they had fox and when they installed I found it they were in negoiation and since I got it they removed. Looking for other people to get in a lawsuit

      • I’m so pissed , we just switched to dish in July. I repeated myself at least 10 times when the salesman was at are house . I want Fox news !!! You can do what ever package . I just want Fox news !! I called the next day after they drop Fox . Told them I’m changing back to direct tv . They threatened me with all kinds of fees. I told them I would contact the state attorney General office for a breach of contract . It got real quite after that . Dish is coming Wednesday to install system.

        • You may be able to sue – Just got my weekly junk mail and in it is as every week an advertisement for Dish and it clearly has FOX as a station available! So – either they are lying to keep their disappearing customers or………….

  2. Oh Please you can not be that naive.

  3. Do NOT remove Fox News Channel please!!!

  4. Please do not remove Fox News Channel from the station that can be trusted with the correct news.

  5. You dropped Turner Classic Movies which i watched a lot, how you want to get rid of Fox News. If this happens i will drop you. Second thought, think i’ll do it anyway.

    • They came to an agreement with turner broadcast

  6. If you drop your provider because of this you’re just making it easier for all of the networks to jack up their prices for all providers. Fox doesnt want to lose any viewers. They’ll come around. Thank you Dish for fighting them.

    • Robert Hill
      You are just a paid hack or a bot . I have seen this same text on 20 or more sites that are saying f u Dish for your greed taking Fox News off. Who’s making the real $? The network that shows it or the providers that broadcast it? Dish rips off its customers! Fox if at worst lies to them. Our president does that all the time . Who’s the worst of the evil.

  7. Please don’t take it off or I mite hav to drop u

  8. Please do not drop fox news! I watch this all day & its the only news that tells the truth. Come on guys & look out for everyday people!

    • No wonder you’re so stooopid

      • Don’t you mean stupid? -.-
        Gotta love CNN, right?

      • FOX News is the only channel that tells the truth!

  9. Fox has more viewers than DISH has customers. DISH is making a huge mistake. Fox viewers, unlike CNN viewers, are extremely loyal and will not remain with DISH.

  10. Work very hard on the fox news contract.donot dropped them.

  11. Just one more reason why I am glad I am not a DISH customer

  12. If I lose Fox, I will drop you Dish. You should have gotten more money out of useless CNN and MSNBC, both mouthpieces for the despotism of Obama. You should treat FOX NEWS as a public service outlet for telling the truth, for being fair and balanced, and protecting our true freedoms. In fact, you should carry them free and let them give you a monetary contribution as a reward to you for your patriotism. I will be gone to Fox News strictly on-line this weekend if you fail us. There are many like me!!!

    • Your stupid !
      Who do you think is paying to air Fox News.

      • “Your stupid”??? Who’s stupid now?

  13. If — as it now appears — you can arbitrarily (and capriciously) block (drop) channels at your whim [such as CBS, Turner, NBCUniversal, et al] then you shouldn’t be given authority by the FTC to re-broadcast at all!

    If — as it now appears — you actually follow through with your THREATS to block the FOX NEWS/BUSINESS Channels from my channel lineup, I shall have no alternative but to switch cable/satellite TV provider!

    Enough is enough. Please don’t block FOX NEWS!

    • Could you be any more dense? Do you think Dish is arbitrarily dropping channels on a whim? Now how would that help them?

      Let me explain this in simple terms so you can follow. The TV channel providers get money two ways. First from commercials, if they have them and second from payment from the dish companies and cable companies. Now who do you think ends up paying for the channels….Why its you the subscriber. So if you want Dish to just pay whatever the TV channel want then fine BUT don’t complain about how much the monthly Dish bill went up! Dish fights the hardest of any provider to keep its prices LOW. I for one appreciate it.

      • Sven, you are right on the money. It amazes me the number of people who think that Dish is the evil doing here. Fox wants more money from Dish for the privilege of carrying their network. I’d be willing to pay more for Fox News if, and only if, Fox News becomes like HBO and doesn’t show commercials. Hey Fox News, if you are so valuable, go ‘premium’ and stop all commercials. I’ll by 9.95 month for you then. But while you are still shoving commercials in front of me – and getting a pretty penny for them – then don’t jack up your fees to Dish – they will just have to pass that along to me. If Dish ends up dropping Fox News, they WILL be back. Fox News can’t afford to lose that many viewers…

        • what’s truly amazing is how dense you people are!! Fox wants more money because they are absolutely the most popular news station in the country. their ratings on primetime regularly exceed the combined viewership of both CNN and MSNBC. that means the advertisements that dish sells on FNC and FBN can be sold for more money than they can be on other news stations……wait for it…….because they have gigantic edge in viewership! its called supply and demand. When you have a product or service that is in more demand you get more in return. Understand? and you’re crazy if you don’t think people are going to switch from DISH Network if they don’t get their Fox News!

          • You are correct, I am currently negotiating with Direct TV to buy out my dish contract. I am livid with dish for holding me hostage in their negotiations with Fox & they should be punished. My how dish’s stocks drop…

  14. You realize Dish just partnered with Netflix right?
    For the hand full of people planning to drop Dish for the one week they may lose Fox News , there will be mountains of people coming to Dish because of Netflix…. You’re really not as important as you think.

    • Well said Kathryn. People do not understand that Dish is constantly trying to take a stand for their customers to keep prices low and affordable. And the major networks could care less about peoples budget. They are just greedy and simply want more money. Over time they are going to learn the hard way because in the near future Dish will provide packages that do not include the major networks thus making their long term demand decrease over time. Dish also tries to keep these talks private, but the networks insist on making it public as a strategy which I view as unprofessional and not the right way to do business. Remember this, Dish has never dropped anyone, they drop themselves just to force Dish and their 14 million customers to pay them more money every time a contract is renewed.

  15. Couldn’t care less. Drop CNN and I watch fox, drop fox and I watch CNN, drop both and I still have network news. My problem is having to listen to large corporations bickering and airing their dirty laundry in public rather than somewhere in a conference room. I have kids that don’t pout, moan and whine as much as these ridiculous CEOs. Time to go back to my antenna in the attic, Netflix and Hulu on roku and get away from the crybaby CEOs.

  16. The same people who are complaining about Dish dropping Turner and Fox will be the same ones who will complain about the increase in monthly subscription price.

    Dish fighting to keep the increases as low as possible. Good for them.

  17. I like watching Fox and I hate the hyorocicy. I was just listening to The Five talking about income inequality between middle class and the wealthy and how big the gap has grown. If you listen to them in one segment they talk like they are among the middle class and in the next segment about visits to the White House for Christmas.

    Fox raises their rate to Dish, Dish fights back. It has nothing to do with Dish’s corporate profit. They will pass the increase to us, the real middle class. Fox is the one trying to increase their corporate profit and relying on the middle class to foot the bill for something they criticize way too often. Perhaps it is time Fox stops talking out of both sides of their mouths.

  18. Please do not drop fox news! I watch this all day & its one of the reasons I choose Dish. Come on guys & look out for everyday people!

  19. Just like the others…you drop it..I will drop you. Simple as that..I know 50 more that have promised to do the same, just in my small home town. That does not count the 15 subscribers in my family.DONT DO IT.
    you will loose your ASS even worse than you already have.

  20. Dish and fox,work out your problems,and listen to the people that pay some of your bills.

  21. Drop Fox News and I Drop Dish, Comcast has been begging for my business

  22. It just amazing me that in this day and age we even have a problem like this. I would like to know who owns Dish are they against fair and balanced News reporting? The only thing that would so is get millions of Americans to switch !!! They would soon find out financially what a mistake that would be and if they think Netflix will make up for that lose Think Again there are many ways to get Netflix on your TV if you so chose. That programing does not make up for the need to know what is going on around the world. Is this Censorship? Are we becoming like a communist Country where we may not have a choice as to what we want to watch. Fox this Week and another station the next. I for one have other companies to go to and hope they give us notice as to when this might happen. Many Seniors who are not on the computer or feel they have a say so in this feel the same way. I suggest you negotiate and keep FOX ….. I for one as stated above have other companies to go to and will start an online powerful !!! Freedom of TV online against DISH… its not all about FOX but what we can and can’t watch I am really sick of it…



    • I agree with you… I love Fox

  24. Sounds like Obama is trying to FORCE his way through.. Do NOT listen to this Fraud in the WH! Do NOT ban Fox News! If you do, you stand to lose a lot of customers!

  25. Kathryn
    December 18, 2014 at 11:59 am, Reply
    You realize Dish just partnered with Netflix right?
    For the hand full of people planning to drop Dish for the one week they may lose Fox News , there will be mountains of people coming to Dish because of Netflix…. You’re really not as important as you think.

    LOL! Thanks for todays laugh! NetFlix is so not important. You’d rather be mislead and keep your head in the sand. Please do so.

  26. do not remove Fox News from my Dish programs.
    I watch Fox news about 80% of my time on tv. Its the only way you can get the real unbiased news of world events. I depend upon Fox News to keep me up on world events, in a truthful manner.
    I believe Fox News is what is keeping a balance in many local and national events.
    The truth about many events going on in the country are produced and talked about openly on Fox news.
    If Dish takes Fox News off of my tv, I will find another company to change to.
    I will go to cable or a direct system.

  27. I only watch Fox News. Block MSNBC or any of the other lame stream channels. If I cannot get Fox News on Dish then I have to go where I can get it. I have been a Dish customer for 18 years, but this is too much.

  28. All of you people watch way too much television.

  29. Please do not drop Fox News. I start out my morning with Fox News as well as end my evening with Fox News. No way my husband and I could do without Fox News. Everyone I know watches Fox News. I am glad to have Turner Classics back..

    • Sad, really sad.

  30. I wasn’t upset when CNN and other channels were pulled… My opinion is, they are nothing more than the biased, liberal agenda, outlets… Now this latest threat is different matter …. I get most of my news from Fox news, as a lot of informed people do. … Leave Fox news on Dish, no matter what it takes, or you’ll see a helluva lot of dish customers leave Dish, forever .. Me included !!!! Get real people !!!

  31. I request that Dish not drop Fox News. It is the only News Network that reports the Truth and Facts about all issues by inviting all disenters to voice their side. Millions of us watch Fox daily and if I can’t watch it on Dish I will drop that service and find another source for Fair and Balanced reporting by Fox.

  32. Keep FOX news channel 205. We enjoy it and will consider dropping DISH if you cannot keep it.

  33. I wish Sat users could pay only for what thay want. I have 250 chanels and only watch about 10.

    • I agree!

  34. Please keep fox news! I watch FOX 205 in Seattle. Won’t be using Dish if FOX is dropped.

  35. The only way the DISH wheeler dealer will get our message is for EVERYONE to actually call up Sunday and discontinue service. They already makes by a more costly package to even get Fox! I’m gonna do it this time!

  36. I don´t have an idea concerning the reason why Dish might be cutting Fox News, the most preferred TV news system in the country. I personally know people who will cut their Dish connection if Fox News is cut.

  37. While Fox News does report on things about the current administration none of the other networks will touch, they are Not saints. They, like all networks, have their own agenda. I will say they are the most honest, but never, ever trust any network to tell you the unbiased truth. Their blind support of police, despite evidence of wide spread abuse of power and brutality, is one example.

  38. If Fox News, CBS and our local affiliates are dropped from Dish-WE ARE DONE. Plenty of alternatives available out there in “tv land”….

  39. It is all about the money.
    If FOXNews, is dropped from dish! Then me and my money will find a New network!

  40. Folks, it’s silly to post here asking Dish to keep Fox News or to ask Fox not to ask for more because their costs went up. This site just reports what’s going on!

    It’s a contract dispue like so many others! Take it up with Dish or Fox themselves!

  41. Anyone who thinks Fox News is “honest” is a brainwashed moron. All news media lies to us; Fox just lies the most. If you are gullible and stupid enough to fall for Fox News’ lie that they are “fair and balanced” then you deserve to be the brainwashed tool that you have become.

    • well buddy you must be a obama shit hitler bot..so no one cares what comes out of your cake hole..you are the brainwashed one ..PERIOD

  42. Drop Fox and I drop Dish. Plain and simple. Comcast is begging for my business.

  43. You drop Fox I will drop Dish network because I have a choice with direct tv

  44. My Fox news just went black…I’ll be going to another sat. provider tommorrow.

  45. I just lost Fox cable. I will be calling Dish and cancelling my service. Not going to put up with this.

  46. Just turned on my tried and true Fox News and guess what…….well I’m done with Dish!!!!! Calling for a new provider first thing in the morning!!!

  47. Just lost my fox channel too. I will also be looking for a different cable provider. Shame on you dish you will be losing a long time customer here too.


  49. I just found that Fox News has been removed from my Dish and therefore I am cancelling Dish and getting another provider. Fox News is the only service on the television media from which you can get any real news without all the lies.

  50. Long time dish subscriber will change in a heartbeat if fox news is dropped

  51. I am very pleased with Hopper and being able to have Dish anywhere, but the main reason for me to recently go to Dish is that I would have Fox anywhere, because I travel constantly, and TMC anywhere. You retrieved TMC…please recover Fox. Thanks.

  52. Please drop FOX News. They are unable or unwilling to tell the truth.
    I feel sorry for the sheep that can’t think for themselves and rely on FOX for their news.
    A little time away from the tube will do you folks good. Try reading or maybe educate yourself
    about current events. FOX is brainwashing you.

  53. You Fox-watching morons realize if you cancel DISH that you still have to pay a sizeable charge because you’re breaking the contract you have. Fox Sports regional channels, at least Fox Sports North, haven’t been on for a month or more because they’re demanding a rate increase of 5 to 10 times what DISH is now paying them. That’s what this is probably about. If DISH agrees to this, who do you think pays for it? Fox….corporate greed at its finest.

  54. Been a subscriber to Dish for 17 years. They dropped FoxNews tonight so tomorrow I will drop them.

  55. This is BS. No one cares about the consumer do they? This is the second time we have had our channels taken off. The sad part is that we only watch about five stations! I guess we’ll change to another provider too. Hate charter though.

  56. I just called Dish, said they are working on the contract to get FoX back, but couldn’t tell me when. I will be looking for a new provider if it it’s not real quick. For all the Fox haters on here, get your head out out of the koolaid jar. I’m not worried about nay penalties for cancelling I’ve fulfilled my contract.

  57. I will change satellite TV carriers if this is not rectified immediately.

  58. I only watch fox , I have it on most of the day , if it is not put back on soon I will drop dish , out of 200 channels I maybe watch 5 of them , I can’t believe they think they are giving 200 channels , I don’t watch 20 religious channels , 20 sports channels , I hate sports , 20 qvc type channels , stupid adverts for lotions and potions , and whatever else they call channels what a joke , sick of this

  59. Fox News is the only thing we watch. If it isn’t up immediately, we are dropping DISH.

  60. Dish should allow packages picked channel by channel, so I would not pay for Crap like Communist News Network (CNN), Communist Broadcasting Co (CBC), Arab Jihadist News (Al Jazeera), My Socialist News Broadcasting Co (MSNBC) or any of the other worthless crap like BITV.

    • Terry, Dish Network is not allowed to sell channels ala carte. They have repeatedly stated they would like to be able to provide ala carte selection, but guess who prevents them from doing it. The content providers, like Fox. The content providers know if people are allowed to pick and choose which channels they want, their revenue will drop. They want carriers (satellite, cable, etc.) to bundle their channels into packages so they are assured of an income stream from the people who never watch their channels. Almost ALL content providers do this. You pay for nearly every nearly channel on cable/satellite, even if you never watch them. The exceptions are typically the shopping channels. So if ala carte were an option, you would still be paying about the same amount for just the channels you do watch and getting a lot of shopping channels, because the carriers will have the same infrastructure costs that have to be paid for. As bad as it sounds, what we have is the best option for now. And Fox is really stretching the truth when they say “Dish dropped Fox News.” Dish Network had a contract with Fox which expired. It would be illegal for them to keep broadcasting Fox’s signal after the contract’s expiration, unless they agreed to pay the much higher fees and conditions being demanded by Fox. And that higher cost would be passed along to the subscribers who would then be complaining to Dish Network for the price increase. I don’t mean to imply carriers are saints in all of this, but they are in a “no win” situation when contract renewal disputes like this occur. Content providers make unreasonable demands, carriers either pay up or have to drop their channels, then they get accused of “dropping” channels when they are just trying to keep costs down while following the law. It’s nothing but a legal form of extortion on the part of the content providers.

  61. If dish drops Fox I’m gone, if they want to save money instead of forcing English speaking Americans to pay for Spanish stations have a separate package for those viewers.

  62. Fox News is the only news I watch on TV. It doesn’t tell all the truth but better than the other news stations.
    Tell us why they have dropped Dish or did you drop them?????

  63. Just like alot of others I only watch fox…the other channels I dont need …
    Could not believe my eyes when I saw the delete notice for FOX ..it has ruined my husbands Christmas..Fox is the only channel that doesnt have a liberal monopoly and shows conservative views,,,one wonders if this is a plot or a deal made with Obama and company to pull FOX from been seen by America…to manipulate what Americans can see..shame on you if this is the case!!!!!!
    Bring FOX back ASAP!!!

    • You live a sad life if loosing a TV satiation ruins Christmas.

    • You can’t be serious about the government being involved in this, can you? I’m sorry, but it’s exactly that kind of corrosive rhetoric by many Fox News hosts which create that mindset in some of their viewers. That said, this is nothing more than a simple contract dispute. Dish Network’s retransmission agreement with Fox News expired and they were unable to come to terms by the deadline. Under contract and copyright law, Dish Network had no choice but to stop transmitting Fox’s signals, or face court action for violating Fox’s intellectual property rights. Then Fox tries to paint this as being all Dish’s fault. They aren’t exactly being “fair and balanced” here, are they? It appears that Fox is demanding much higher fees and/or requiring carriage of other channels not related to FNC/FBN in Dish’s packages, all of which would result in higher costs to Dish Network and therefore higher subscription fees for Dish customers. Then you would be complaining about Dish’s rate increase. And it’s not just Dish. Once Fox’s retransmission agreements expire with other carriers, they’ll be in the same boat. Dish has a track record of taking a harder stand against these tactics, and that’s one reason why I stay with them. Changing carriers only emboldens the content providers to demand more money and harsher terms when their contracts expire. So if you want to be upset with someone, complain to Fox and demand that they negotiate in good faith with Dish and all other carriers.

  64. Please bring FOX back quickly…..there needs to be a balance of news options! I prefer not to have ALL conservative or ALL liberal news options. Fox needs to be brought back to Dish Network right away!

  65. if dish does not put fox back on i will change subscribers monday

  66. If fox goes I’m gone..If it wasn’t for Fox reporting both sides and truthfully we would be that much closer to a communist America…

  67. Now I will get Dish. Fox sucks.

  68. You are the stupidest SOB’s I have ever seen to BLOCK FOX NEWS I am changing my services in the morning…..Go To Hell

  69. Because of a mean wife, I’ve slept for years on the couch—–I can only doze off after a sleeping pill of “The Factor”, or a back rub of friendly banter from “The Five”. I either wake to the “National Anthem alarm”, or hit my mental snooze alarm button and sleep in till I I am able to see the “Curvy Couch” from my “lumpy couch”, My new day is “on the tee”! Please do not ruin this proven nightly routine by dropping FOX, as I will take whatever steps necessary to avoid sleeping with my mean wife! Farmer Bob

  70. Well Dish, You have now lost a customer. I was really angry when I got up and turned my TV on and found that Fox News is gone.

  71. DISH, Because of a mean wife, I’ve slept for years on the couch—–I can only doze off after a sleeping pill of “The Factor”, or a back rub of friendly banter from “The Five”. I either wake to the “National Anthem alarm”, or hit my mental snooze alarm button and sleep in till I I am able to see the “Curvy Couch” from my “lumpy couch”, My new day is “on the tee”! Please do not ruin this proven nightly routine by dropping FOX, as I will take whatever steps necessary to avoid sleeping with my mean wife! Farmer Bob

  72. Do not stop Fox News, i will drop you, my daughter had direct tv and it’s just as good. You claim not to raise your bill but have just as much as direct tv. I can get my Sheperds chapel and Fox News on direct tv.

  73. If you drop Fox…. I demand a refund for not receiving what I a paying for… and each customer must also demand a refund!!!

  74. To everyone. You do know this is about end to an existing distribution contract and that Fox lost the court case regarding dish anywhere. Fox is trying to get more money from Dish and Dish is trying not to pay them more, even though they jacked up rates this year on most subscribers. I am going where I can get better programming including Fox for less money. $100 a month is getting ridiculous for something I watch 3 hours a day at the most. Programming companies are as bad as the top cell phone companies are in their rates.

  75. Get rid of the cnn and all the pure crap channels and put fox news channel. I;m cancelling my
    dish contract tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. No Fox News – No Dish Network. We will have to switch providers. And we will ask for a refund as this is not what we asked for & paid for. Thank you.

  77. Very upset when I tried to find my favorite News Channel FOX this morning, and couldn’t figure out why it was no longer there, so I searched and read the ridiculous reason. You know it’s the top-rated news channel, so why would DISH take away the only sane news channel – possibly politics more than money!! Think about it, well, DISH, I believe you’ll be losing a lot of customers over this very bad decision. Wake up and do the right thing before it’s too late for DISH!

  78. Dish I have been with you longer than Fox News has been around but if you drop them I will move away from you!!! I watch Fox News more than any other channel on your line-up so please save me the hassel get the contract signed NOW !!!!!!!!!!!

  79. The reason FOX is by far the #1 news network is because it offers truth and honest, insightful reporting. Freedom of the press, an honest and vigilant press, is essential to the existence of our freedom, our country. FOX delivers and serves as a friend and navigator. DISH is but a vehicle. We can’t do without the navigator that bolsters our freedom, but we can switch vehicles.

    If DISH doesn’t continue to carry FOX, I’m switching vehicles. I’ll take whatever vehicle that gets me to my desired location …. God Bless America and Merry Christmas!

  80. DISH, your service has been fine, but I am dropping and switching to DIRECT TV due to the removal of FOX NEWS. I know what it costs to sign up one customer of a satellite service and DISH has been after me to switch for years. Sooooooooo, goodbye DISH and hello DIRECT TV. Removing FOX was a deal breaker.

  81. Without Fox I have no reason to keep Dish.

  82. Don’t need DISH network to get Netflix. If negotiations with Fox fail will find another provider to get Fox too.

  83. Very angry this AM with no Fox News watch it every morning.Hope you can work something out to get it back.Will wait for a little while then drop you!!!!!

  84. Dish charges big money for nothing…..dropping this service, for dropping fox, only news channel worth watching!! I have all their channels and pay high rates. Now that they dropped channel I will drop them. I

  85. Dumping fox news is no loss for any viewer unless of course they enjoy the constant bitching and moaning about Obama. The man could come up with a cure for cancer and fox news headlines would be “Obama causes job loss for hospice care workers.”

  86. Woke up to no Fox on my Dish…….on hold with Dish right…….will be informing them that if they don’t have this fixed by tomorrow i will be calling Direct Tv and finally, after 14 years with Dish, be giving Direct Tv my business, for which they have aggressively campaigned for the last few years. Both Fox and Fox business are the most used channels i have.

  87. I woke up this morning and tried to turn on my favorite (only) news channel. Thank you Dish for screwing up again. You have broken your agreement with me now it is time to terminate our agreement. I’ll give you thirty days to return Fox News channels or I will no longer be a customer.

  88. Dumping Dish if not back on by Mon – ATT says they can have me up by Tues

  89. Fox is more than guilty of drinking the Kool-Aid.
    Thank you Dish Network for standing for the right and honest way for dealing with greed that has taken priority over this nation. Maybe this can bring out the protestors for one more dishonest move to show where this nation actually has moved to. Socialism is knocking loud at the door. Keep opening the doors and it shall gladly walk right in and take your freedom, then you can live with the end results. Realizing no one reads history, cause it doesn’t matter. ?? Oh yes it does. It is so rapidly proving once again just how wrong Americans can get things twisted.

  90. Turn fox news back on !! Or I am done with Dish..

  91. Raising grandchildren and you took their cartoon channel off—now you have taken my channel—both of which was a decison maker in determining purchasing a provider. Good bye Dish!

  92. All of these comments that say Fox News is a station full of lies, and Dish should drop them because of that…

    I say, who cares? Dish is not in charge of decided who I choose to watch for news. They are not my mother. You really think Dish should be in the business of political censorship? Really? You liberals would be singing a very different tune if Dish happened to be run my conservatives and wanted to drop MSNBC because of that. I’m sure conservatives would be as well, and that is wrong too.

    Liberal or conservative, Fox lover or MSNBC lover, the cries for Dish to keep Fox News off the air because they don’t like it should concern you. Dish should NOT be in the business of political censorship. Period.

  93. Of course, Fox New is not perfect but, they are the best news source available… hands down. Dish will loose millions of customers, including my family, if they do not reach an agreement with Fox soon. I happily would trade 300 channels that I never watch on Dish, for fox news and fox business news. BTW, those morons who ask whether we are naive for watching Fox have never watched Fox, nor do they know that FOX news has three of the top rated news commentary shows on the planet and it is most likely that none of the berating accusers have ever watched those top rated shows. The liberal Left pushing FOX out for telling the truth…is worse than North Korea attacking Sony and yes…worse than Hitler attacking Charlie Chan and the 3 stooges for their 1940’s parodies of the evil dictator who’s ranks the present-day detractors of FOX now join. Put on your brown shirts and black boots and listen to the news on CNN as dictated by the White house!

  94. We will be changing service if Fox is not on their schedule. Who do they think pays their bills. I watch Fox all the time. I thought it was sorry when they did to CNN as well!. They do not control the news – they are trying to do just that. Shame on you Dish Network!

  95. Sounds like Dish and Fox Network can’t get their stuff together. Doesn’t Dish know Fox Network is on Direct TV and if your contract has expired you can switch in a heart beat. I get phone calls and all kinds of mail from Direct TV to switch. I’m sure it will cost Dish much more than Fox Network, the longer the dispute goes on as more people will switch over to Direct TV. Just think of the one hundred dollars plus customers that are mad and “WILL” switch to Direct TV. I watch Fox News everyday and find it the most honest approach to true news. My Dish bill this past month was $103.00 and if you add that to thousands of other customers paying the same amount and are unhappy and willing to switch……. “LOOKOUT DISH… HERE COMES DIRECT TV”

  96. A month ago they dropped CNN and now Fox. I think that is a breach of contract. Let all Dish users contact Dish and demand a refund. A class-action lawsuit would be effective. The cost to Dish would be better than dealing with Fox.

  97. Time to wake up America and to speak up. I am ticked. Dish needs reprimanding. Sounds more and more like our Presidents executive actions taking place now in businesses. What is it going to take for us TRUE Americans who believe in the freedoms of America to speak up and stand up to these kinds of actions.

  98. If Dish does not put Fox News back on I will change as soon as possiable. I will call the other carroier tomorrosw

  99. Put Fox News back on the air.

  100. If Dish drops Fox, We will drop Dish. It’s that simple. Fox is the only reason we subscribe to satellite.
    Could this be Dish’s way of censoring the American people who want to hear the Real news. Not the left wing agendas?

  101. This is a promise when our contract is up I’m done with Dish for sore I will be going back to cable.Dish can take there shit and shove it where the sun don’t shine

  102. Shame on you DISH. Fox is only news channel to watch. I will be going to DirecTV.
    Drop Obama channel MSLSD

  103. It’s always about the money!

  104. The Whitehouse simple bid much higher than Fox could ever afford to pay. So us the tax payers are most likely paying the bill to keep the truth off of the air. This entire administration disgusts me.

  105. Dish will lose a lot of customers. Fox news is the only one I watch.

  106. As a loyal DISH customer for the last 13 years I would like to state that I sincerely hope your negotiations with Fox move faster than the one with CNN a few months ago. Just drop the commercial free Hopper device and get back to providing television coverage. It sounds like an interesting product but it is not worth the headaches. The CNN fiasco didn’t affect us much but if this Fox blackout last longer than a couple of weeks I will be forced to switch to DIRECT TV or my local cable company.

  107. I love Fox News. We watch it all the time. You can sure tell the liberals comments, can’t you? But, it’s not all Dish’s fault or Fox’s fault. I think Dish could absorb some of the cost. They make a lot of profit off subscribers anyway. Fox is the most popular news station hands down. They make a lot of money for Dish and Fox makes money by having their show aired. I feel sorry for all the MSNBC watchers. Those people on that station are loud, hateful, have no class and are very one sided, just like their listeners. Guess that’s why the republicans beat their butts in the last election. Hope they come to some decision soon on this. Feel like we’re cut off from the real world right now unless we go online or out in the car to listen to Fox on the satellite radio. Sure would hate to change to another provider, we’ve been with Dish forever and they’ve given us some pretty good deals over the years.

  108. I’ve been with dish for many years but I will switch if there is no fox news

  109. There are lots of worthless channels you could drop why pick one that delivers both sides.Fox News will be on my tv if I have to switch to someone else.Use your knowledge and realize that you are hurting yourself by doing this.They have a lot of loyal followers and there is a reason for that

  110. Have had problems recently with DISH.. not providing full service to get our paid channels working. Given the run around about how NO ONE can reconcile the antenna position on our roof. They have a contract with smaller company and they are forbidden to get on roof. So we are pretty fed up with lack of service. Now they remove one of my favorite channels and resources for news- FOX NEWS. I guess I just need to find another provider who can give great service and channels that I want. DISH you get a bag of Coal!

  111. I will be leaving Dish after 10 years to join a service that will carry Fox

  112. love Fox….guess I will be dropping Dish…

  113. Whatever your reason for blocking Fox .channels, itl looks like the liberals won…I wanted to change provider during the Turner blackout, I waited (for movies I had Hallmark) but for News there is no replacement and I certainly don’t want to give Msnbc the impression that they worthy of my time. This is major , I will make the calls today to switch.

  114. The ONLY reason we purchased 2 receivers for our DISH satellite is for the FOX News Network. We are paying for a more expensive package in order to watch FOX. This is more than a disappointment it is betrayal. We are out hundreds of dollars and feel like we got the shaft!
    BOOOOOOOO DISH NETWORK!!!!! I will spread the work to every RV park we visit as we make our way around the U.S..
    DISH is bad news, don’t waste your money, go with DIRECT TV!! That will be our message unless this is resolved immediately.

  115. We have always received great customer service from DISH and we love the programming we have chosen to pay for. I am amazed that those people who are “bashing” DISH have apparently not done their research or they would know that it is FOX who is pulling the plug. I too was mislead by the appeals from the FOX news anchors to contact DISH. After doing a little research online I feel I have been “Dubbed” by FOX. Don’t get we wrong, FOX News is the only station we watch in our house but to find out that they are holding their news station hostage so that they can increase their programing by Triple the price (google it and several credible sites all state FOX wants to triple the price increase to DISH for certain sports programming) now that upsets me. Maybe the morning news ancors at FOX didn’t do their research for fair and balanced reporting before they made the request to viewers to contact DISH. Maybe they should be encouraging viewers to contact FOX!. It will be a wait and see – as for now we get our news online and we still have our local FOX affliliate news channel.

    • Do a little more checking Dish told me it was 25% if you want the best you pay for the best all other providers have FOX Dish must be broke.

  116. I
    ‘am trying to find out why dish quit Fox news channel 205 .Dish says it’s fox fault Fox says its Dish I want to watch Fox my favorite news. I have to pay the same price for Dish can’t see what I signed up for now it will cost 180.00 dollars to cancel and change this crazy Dish broke my contract not me I signed up for one thing now I get something else.

  117. If you dont bring Fox back, good bye Dish, and I’ve been a loyal customer for many many years. Iam not going to listen to any news channels that are in bed with the worst President this country has ever had

  118. If FOX does not come back, I will call Direct TV!

  119. Bring Fox News back or Iam cancelling my Dish account.. I pay a lot and Fox is the only news channel I watch.

  120. We have used DISH for over 18 years. We have helped DISH recruit several new subscribers over that period. I have talked to all of them and we are all in agreement to cancel our subscriptions over this dropping FOX NEWS.
    My home bill averages 196.00 per month.
    Recently we have had more satellite signal lost than ever. There has never been an apology or adjustment to any bill to this date.
    When they have dropped other channels or programs there has never been a apology or adjustment to our bill.
    Nor did they bother to ask their subscribers opinion before making a decision on such changes.
    They have never asked to increase the cost of subscription, they never ask, they just do it.
    Some of the post on this thread are obviously generated by DISH employees, I suppose that is understandable. I would suggest that the only reason DISH can afford to pay their salaries is the continuation of subscribers.
    Even with all the reasons listed above in the past we had continued using their service. This issue with FOX IS A DEAL BREAKER.
    WE ARE DONE. buy stock in direct tv

  121. I am moving to Direct TV ASAP

  122. We have had dish for many years and have noticed gradual declines in service over the years. Not been happy with dish at all but fox news channel is the only reason we keep our dish subscription. So dish, get rid fox and we’re going get rid of you dish!!!

  123. Well this is the hair in the biscuit, this morning. Very disappointed ! I want my FOX NEWS back !

  124. Where is the freedom of speech which allows you to have the Fox News to watch? Ridiculous that they can drop this when you were initially signed up and made sure Fox News was on this list to watch. This is the only news channel we will watch in this house and that will not change. No more recommending Dish to anyone. Thought Direct TV was bad. Guess what? They are all the same in politics.

  125. I pay Dish over 180.00 per month internet included so now they shut down FOX that is the only news outlet worth watching I like the troth. I called DISH and ask for a 50% discount due to the fact FOX News and Business channel are on 50% of the time in my home. The clown on the other end of the line offered me 5 bucks off a month so we moved up the ladder after 30 minute wait on hold the next clown offered 15.00 bucks off per month. DIRECT TV is offering some good deals they can afford to pay FOX unlike DISH that apparently is going broke. I have come to the conclusion DISH is run by clowns you can get that Aldugeriza Muslim news however you spell it but not the best AMERICAN NEWS IN AMERICA see you on DIRECT SOON FOX.

  126. Please do not block Fox News or I will also block Dish. Only other channels are reruns and commercials
    Not worth what I am paying for..

  127. I’ve been a Dish subscriber for =more then 10 years. Why do you no longer carry FOX News on channel 205? Fox news has been my primary TV news source.
    If DISH will no longer carry FOX then I’ll be forced to find another source to enable me to get FOX news.

    Please advise
    John M. Cyrocki

  128. Have been DISH forever to have FOX. I would be willing to do ala carte channel selections since I only watch about 5 or 6 of the mid-priced grouping. Will be considering dropping DISH if FOX is dropped.

  129. I watch liberal channels sometime to get a well balanced point of view on ideas and events. But no news channel except FOX makes much sense to me. Other channels pander on liberal politicians and push their agendas down my throat like I have no mind of my own. Their anchors and guests are pacifists who talk of keeping the environment safe but not its people. They talk of empathy for enemies but disdain for friends. They are communist leaning hippies who have not moved on from hippyland to reality. But most of all, they will support a liberal leader right or wrong and want others to do the same.

  130. Fox News is by far the most fair and balanced news channel of them all. I have decided to switch to AT&T and wish Dish well….

  131. If Fox News is cancelled we will not hesitate in going to Cable. If You take Fox off there will be no balance at all on Dish. Go ahead and take it off and see how Dish will loose thousands of customers. Even if Fox were wrong there still needs to be a balance.

  132. If you put a man in front of them with a big R on his hat they would burst into flames as they often do on the other news channels.

  133. My husband has been wanting to change from DISH, but I’ve wanted to keep DISH. Not being able to watch Fox has changed my mind. Please speed up negotiations and provide Fox News again, or we’ll be changing providers.

  134. i hooked up my HD outdoor antenna ($28 on Ebay) and get about 40 ota free channels. Adios Dish, Directv and cable companies. Play hog and you end up with nothihg

  135. I’m upset with Dish that I don’t have FOX. After reading some of the comments here. I’ll buy that FOX wants more money. If DISH wants to keep me, then get rid of the package deals and let people buy the stations they want to watch to keep rates down. I don’t watch 99% of the package deal I have. Let me buy what I actually have need of.

  136. You will be sued for not giving the people what they paid for and it will add up! and you will lose a lot of customers. Like me. I can just live with my HD antenna and receive local stations.

  137. I watch Fox news all the time and that’s one of the reasons why I stay with you! If this really over a contract or are you being censored by Washington DC? Put the news stations back on without hiking up our rates!

  138. Without FOX and FOX BUSINESS, Dish Network is useless
    If it isn’t back on in 24 hours, I am going to another provider that does not have a record of dropping selected networks with bottom line profits for reasoning.
    We have all experienced enough increases in our pricing over the past years.

  139. I’d Dish drops FOX NEWS AND FOX BUSINESS, I am out of here in 24 hours!
    They have had ample time to negotiate terms not thinking about their customers
    Where is customer comes first???

  140. NO FOX–no DISH for me. Want to cut costs at DISH? Eliminate the over 100 channels that Carry Really Awful Programming that we subscribers and programming like FOX must subsidize because they can’t make it on their own.

  141. Very disappointed in not having Fox News channel 205 from Richmond Virginia area. Always feel we are getting the real news and am not happy about this. I’ll see what else is available other than dish…….

  142. I too have contacted DISH to say, “no FOX, no DISH”.
    I am curious to see if DISH will call me, as I have requested.

  143. You at dish better get your act TOGETHER and get that deal done with Fox News channel as I KNOW for a fact all the baby boomers are not happy with out this on there providing sat.company’s we are 2 families that might have to go elsewhere if it dont happen soon…OH AND HAS ANYONE SEEN A KICK BACK YET.WELL WE MOST CERTAINLY SHOULD (((((DISH))))) HATLEY AND FRIENDS!

  144. We will drop DISH as our provider if you drop Fox news. Count on it. You are nothing without Fox.

  145. Dish could triple their subscribers in one day by offering a $19.99/month pkg of only Fox news/business, the Blaze, and a few other family- friendly channels. Lots of people just can’t afford the jacked-up pkg you have to buy to get Fox, especially elderly folk.

  146. I will stop subscription to dish id fox news is removed. You cannot stop me watching fair and balanced reporting.

  147. I will end up cancelling my contract if fox is not available. PERIOD.

  148. If dish doesn’t get FOX NEWS back on in a couple of day’s. Well I guess it’s back to cable.

  149. If the FOX NEWS issue is not resolved within a week I’m going to cancel my account with DISH NETWORK.
    The significance of my patronage may be of no great concern but it is my way of expressing my dissatisfaction. Not only will Dish lose out but FOX will also lose because I will not renew my subscription with any Sat. supplier.

  150. Come on Dish don’t tell me your being bullied by the political side,
    Fox News is the only news station that allows even the uniformed,To come on there shows to share there unbelievable views.

    Keep Fox or we walk .

  151. Bottom line for me isn’t as much who is at fault for this. If I can’t get Fox News from Dish then I’ll go where I can get it PERIOD!!!!!!!!!

  152. If we cannot get FOX on Dish we will go to Direct tv.
    We only watch FOX news & don’t waste time on the other news channels!

  153. FOX NEWS blocked/ blacked out. . I have canceld my dish account today , I am having to pay a penatly because of my decission to no longer be held hostage , because my contract was still inforce. so be it! I feell that dish was not right in blacking out foxnews! waking up to find no fox news. I use dish up at our 5thwheel rv park away from home . for better tv reception and comfort , our second home. well a diginal antena will solve the problem now. will have 12 stations , all local too. we can also get fox news on the internet. , its just not right that we the consumers are not considered. no notice in our mails. no nothing , just wake up and find glenn beck on both channels and the dish CEO having a twinkle and body language that says to me he did not care at all , just empty words. as far as I am concerned dish broke a preach of contract with my contract with them , my programming was changed over nite without notice. ITS WELL KNOWN that the left wants FOX channels limited viewed by the pubic taxpayers. this is my opinion . and I will stand by it. its the principle of it . we the consumers haved been used, another baby step in sentivity training from the left.DISH is no better than what sony and north korea have done , cyper vandalism! toward the consumer.

  154. I am very disappointed, That I can’t see Fox news channal 205 and 206 on the Dish cable, at this time. I am very seriously weighing my options, and may cancel my Dish account, if this matter is not resolve immediately.

  155. I fully expect to see Fox News re-established soon. I dumped Dish Network about 7-8 years ago & won’t hesitate to do it again.
    Fox news is the only Network I feel comfortable watching, simply because it’s the only place I can hear the views from both the Left & the Right. I will not allow myself to be influenced only by the Left leaning news media. I spend about 4-5 hours watching TV per day & can easily give it all up.

  156. This is the straw that’s going to break the camels back. I have total crap for good viewing channels on dish. I realize that I have basic channels at a cost of $64.00 dollars per month and I get about 10 channels of which I look at on a regular from time to time evening. The rest of the channels if dish has a butt can stick them where the sun don’t shine! I got along with 5 channels for 40 years and I guess I can do it again. At the end of the month I will either be watching fox news or going back to free viewing and $8.00 dollar per month Netflix. I’m not paying for anymore crap!

  157. My bill is always too too high for only watching six or seven channels! This is the 3rd time for black outs with certain channels………get it together or I’m a goner. You have NEVER knocked anything off of my bill for the channel black outs or just when it feels like going out. =( I’m sick and tired of my hard earned money going for a package that I am stuck with,,,,,but never watch 2/3rd of them. I’m going shopping tomorrow if you know what I mean!!??

  158. We will change providers if fox news can’t be watched on dish!!!

  159. This administration has been at odd with Fox ever since they took office. The WH ordered Gretta Van Strustin to back off reporting on Benghazi 2 months ago. They also warned Bill O Riley to be less critical of the WH in his reporting.
    Dish is in line with big Brother and communist views of the WH to restrict freedom of speech and honest reporting of the news. America wake up to what is happening.
    check the web site (commieblaster.com.) they to were asked to stop reporting on their web site in October. WAKE UP AMERICA your country is headed to a Socialist Commie Country with NO FREEDOM if this WH is not stopped
    Read commieblaster.com for PROOF

  160. I was completely disappointed and distress to Dish network by removing Fox News channel without even giving us a courtesy notice or email from Dish Network customer like me. I’m sorry , but I have to consider discontinuing our contract to Dish Network if Fox News didn’t return to dish channel. This is so unfair, customers should have option to watch any channel we want. America is a democratic country NOT communist or run by the Dictator. Please respect people choice. The reason why people around the world wants to live here because of the freedom we hav
    e in this amazing country.

  161. Notice to Dish Network: Please put it back Fox News Channel because my wife is so so SAD & unhappy without Fox News channel. Thank you!

  162. cancelled dish over breach of contract, direct by Saturday afternoon.
    I couldn’t believe how much dish wanted to give away to keep me on.

  163. it had to happen. food, medical, copay, and SS. social security gives $2.00 more. they deduct $38.00 for health. obama tell us not to watch fox. fox is off dish. we must pay more. I must break the old habit. bad habit. its called eating!

  164. If we burn you burn with us

  165. For those taking Dish’s position on this. I have a contract with Dish, not Fox, that allows me to watch Fox. It’s Dish that broke the contract with me. Bye bye Dish.

  166. We will definitely look for a differenet providor if Dish does not keep FOX News.

  167. I just got a $200 offer from DIRECTV to return to them. It will cost me less than that to buy out what’s left of my DISH contract. If I have to go back to talking to people around the dinner table, I’m outahere. Just add it to the phone/internet Uverse package I have and carry on. Life is hard, then you die. LOL

  168. It’s obviouse that fox is the only one who tells the truth. The WH doesn’t want us to know so they would be happy to know that we are in the dark. My tv news is gone without Fox & so are we!!

  169. Please keep Fox News . You really get a fair and balanced view on things
    Might have to cancel.

  170. Faux Noooz isn’t really news anyway. No biggie. Maybe Dish customers will finally wise up.

  171. I would/will watch Bill 0’Riely for the truth. not to p-lay programmer games. i can switch providers any time-and I will if FOX news is not there.

  172. The ONLY channel I watch is Fox News! I am going to Comcast immediately. This is outrageous. The decisions made at Dish Network are going to backfire on them because everyone I know watches Fox. We are all really angry and will switch to another company. We are taking Dish down!! I’ve talked to their employees and they all say it’s a rotten company to work for. What a Christmas present for their subscribers. I’m done.

  173. This was the last straw. DISH keeps adding worthless shopping and infomercial channels,and dropping the good ones. Just got off the phone with DISH. Told them I was cancelling due to loss of Fox and switching to Directv. They tried to get me to stay, first offering $5 off the monthly bill for 3 months, then 6 months…. I’ve already ordered service from another provider. Dish can go take a flying leap…..

  174. I am in disbelief that DISH dropped FOX NEWS! I will follow FOX and so will many others! Get your act together DISH!

  175. Dish network. Better get your stuff together and get Fox News on within the next few days or I’m dropping you. Wouldn’t dream of doing business with a tv provider that didn’t include Fox News! In fact I’ll be shopping tomorrow!

  176. We will watch Fox News on whichever provider we have to. we have been without responsible news coverage for three days now and are about done with that. I pay Hugh amt of money annually and have for decades! I would very much like to see FOX NEWS and she FOX BUSINESS. PLEASE!!

  177. We have been with DN many years. Having said that, if Fox hasn’t been added back to the programming, will be switching shortly after the holidays. This is going to ruin Dish Network.

  178. Very disappointed in both fox and dish network over this. Not what we signed up for and already pay for. Resolve it and put fox back on.

  179. Don’t try to argue with these people who hate Fox News. Focus your anger on Dish. The people who hate Fox will never change their minds no matter how fact filled and rational your argument. We have seen that over and over again. Common sense is not a a prerequisite to be a liberal.

  180. For the amount of money folks pay for Dish Network, there should not be any channels allowed to be removed. It’s ridiculous! “Politically” going too far.

  181. I called Dish and told them that they must be in bed with Obummer, since he hates Fox so much. I reminded Dish that we are not living in North Korea or Russia, and they have no right to determine which news channel I watch. When they recommended that I watch CNN, I told them that I might as well call Hillary and ask her to keep me informed. It is also odd that when Dish was negotiating the contract with CNN, they posted, “This channel is no longer available.” Regarding the ostensible negotiations with Fox, they posted, “Fox has removed this channel.” They are clearly left-wing pawns of the current administration. If this is simply a contract issue, why didn’t they initiate negotiations before the contract was due to expire? I vigorously pursued my options for the transfer of my recordings to a hard drive, but it seems that Dish has covered that base, as well, since you can’t view (or listen to) recordings transferred to a hard drive unless you have Dish. I wonder if Dish is owned by George Soros and Obummer’s other evil minions who want to keep the American people in the dark about what is really happening in the world.

    • Leslie, you can transfer your Dish recordings to a DVD recorder using the composite outputs on the Dish recorder. It just takes forever…..the time you have recorded and it will not be HD.

  182. I just did some research, and found that in 2011, DirectTV pulled the same stunt with their viewers, blocking Fox news due to contract negotiations. We are at the mercy of these fat cats, who strive to line their own pockets and demonize Fox in the process.

  183. If Dish does not put FOX News back on by Jan. 1, I am done! Will cancel 4 Dish accounts and will never return. it is my primary station that I watch…I couldn’t care less about the rest of the lib stations.

  184. Sorry but now it your turn to be ticked and hear how glad we are to have fox be taken off air, You all spewed how glad you were cnn was gone, well now its what is called pay backs and last if you think, slay as a fox, tells the true just one word. WOW, and the best is how you proudly state you watch 24/7, well I say give msnbc a real chance and see the real news, and just maybe you might see the President really is doing a good job. the 1% own us and that is just sickening. Fox no matter who often they say the No spin zone is the biggest spinners of all news stations. I hope you all can live longer with out fox just like those of us had to that were not happy when our station was gone too. Have a nice holiday, or try anyway with out fox, I for sure do NOT miss them just like you didn’t cnn. Even steven.

    • doing a good job wake up sheep Obama’s approval rating is 42% and dropping He lost the senate and house. Now conservatives not liberals who are destroying this REPUBLIC to change the country to a socialist commie nation with Shirah Law.
      check this out

  185. I think I may just get rid of Dish and read: NY Times for the lib side and WSJ for the truth.

  186. Ilyou don’t get my fox news back on by on back on by jan 1st I want cancel my service. With your company. For breach of contract. Richsrd wilson

  187. We are very, very disappointed about removing Fox News Channel! Resolve it and put FOX back on!
    No other Channel can broadcast the real trustful news, only Fox Channel can! Please Put Fox news back on!
    Thank you in advance.

  188. Wow, it is amazing how the “so call open minded people” cannot comprehend That Fox News just may give insight to events in the news that ABC’S and CNN’S of the world omit . Dish get back Fox News Channel.
    The difference between a conservative and a liberal is:
    A conservative will have an opinion then investigate the facts and will change his/her mind based on the facts.
    A liberal will not allow facts to get in the way of their belief and will create any lie to justify the belief.
    Liberals, expand your knowledge, the housing market crash, investigate so create and pass the legislation the caused the bubble.

  189. I had barely switched over to Dish from Direct TV but now I’m going back. They said they would give us a whole $5 off our acct. HA! Such a deal. You’re losing lots of customers every minute and your coverage stinks. I’m constantly losing connections several times a day!

  190. The only news I watch is Fox. I am seriously considering dropping Fox. When I first signed up they assurred me they carriied Fox News. Now they have reniged on their promise. The channel they replaced Fox news with is not worth my time. I want Fox returned!I am very upset with Dish.

  191. i will be switching from dish. Fox was the only news channel to get all the news no matter what way it went. LEFT OR RIGHT!! FAIR AND BALANCED!! So if people watched and paid more attention to what is going on in the world and our own country and watch the proof in front of you with an open mind u would c that Fox doesn’t sugar coat for anyone! To bad dish big mistake! I told u I would switched I waited long enough. Now it will be bye bye!!!

  192. Please keep Fox News available! I’m an independent voter that watches both Fox News and MSNBC with the full knowledge that they both have very one-sided extreme views (spin) on politics. Partial truth maybe, but in no way is it full and truthful reporting. If you think it is, (see some of the comments), you should change the channel once in awhile because you’ve become mentally blinded by their rhetoric. Not to mention they’re both good for a few laughs when they tell you it’s raining while they piss in your hand. And even funnier (but actually sad) that their staunch party viewers blindly swallow everything as absolute fact. (Again, look at most of the comments here.) After watching either channel, I weed through all the BS and one-sided reporting. I don’t vote straight down the line for one party or the other because I pay attention and care about listening to the candidates objectively about what they’re doing or want to do if elected. Why anyone would vote for a candidate only because of their political affiliation regardless of their views is beyond me and seems naive and narrow minded. I’ve come to the conclusion that both networks will only report about things that favor their respective parties. If it’s something that will reflect negatively for their party it’s NEVER talked about. I wouldn’t call that responsible or truthful journalism. Never happens but it would be a breath of fresh air for either network to criticize politicians in their own party. I do have to admit though, between the two networks, (with exception to MSNBC’s clueless and self promoting Al Sharpton), Fox News seems to be the one more venomous and hateful overall in their reporting, and is better at twisting and disregarding reality to get their viewer base riled up. Regardless, Fox News is needed to balance out the other side of extreme (ridiculous) political reporting, not to mention giving “open thinking” people a few good laughs. And sorry but while it’s a bit shallow minded, their policy that female commentators are easy on the eyes and encouraged to (must) wear short skirts is not really a negative thing. Now, for the Dish network “Ditto Heads” that have to have Fox News or die……quit crying, get your diaper changed and just switch to a company that carries it. Your threats to drop Dish network won’t matter. The bottom line is that Fox News wants to charge more for you to watch them. Maybe Fox News should become a pay channel. It is after all, only about $$$$ (and their ego)!

  193. Viva la Dishnet. Thabnks for dumping the biggest pile of S*** to ever pose as a news program but who are no more than an arm of the republican party.

    • Spoken like a true left wing Democrat!!

  194. Dropping dish this week. why do I want to pay you 140.00 per month to not get what I want I will switch

  195. If Dish does not put Fox News back on the air, I will pay the fine and switch to
    Direct TV, although I feel that they too rip off the consumer. They continually raise
    their prices without notifying their customers.

  196. Was gonna get Dish in a couple days. SO GLAD I DIDN’T!!!! Going to be sure to spread the word to all my friends. Dish is about to loose ALOT of customers!! This is breach of contract!! I will NEVER have dish now!

  197. If DISH continues another week blocking Fox News, I will switch to another satellite TV outlet. I refuse to continue to pay for less than package agreements…Hope I am not alone.

  198. As soon as my Dish contract expires I will be leaving them and sign up with another provider. There is no reason for them to block out FOX. They have already shown their colors in blocking out other stations. This seems to be the way they do their business.

  199. Dish wil survive…but they’ll have to do it without me. My contract is up and I’m gone. The package I signed up for was not without fox, so don’t they owe us a discount for breaking our contract? For those of you that have to stay, you should try and milk it for something…good luck. I’m gone!

  200. Disconnected our Dish Service today.

  201. This is pure discrimination to remove a legitimate news channel. I don’t like Dish for getting rid of FOX for so many days. Is there no decency i

  202. This is pure discrimination to remove a legitimate news channel. I don’t like Dish for getting rid of FOX for so many days. Is there no decency in Dish?

  203. I find it comical that so many people are upset with Dish. The signals from Fox and DBS are available free through the air. Just get an antenna which if you’re anything like me, you have one sitting around gathering dust somewhere in your garage. Why should Dish and you the customer pay for something that is available free through the airwaves. Makes no sense.

  204. Aside from Morning Joe on MSNBC, we are loyal Fox Cable Viewers and my husband is going through withdrawal from missing Neil Caputo and “The Five” every afternoon, we are learning to adjust without Fox Cable. I see many consumer’s complaining that they will or have switched providers already because of the Fox standoff. Since we live in the country, our only other option would be DirecTV which would cost us a considerable amount of money. As much as we like Fox Cable News, it is not worth the substantial increase in monthly fees, which apparently will go up even more with the Fox negotiating tactics. One of the Fox newscasters broadcast commentary about Dish interfering with “free speech”. If Fox has their way, that “free” speech will cost even more. Instead, I plan to ask Dish for a discount in service fees for this blackout period.

  205. All this hullabaloo about dish fighting for its customers to keep their rates down, what a freekin joke! Oh really? Is that why for some unknown reason my dish bill went up eight dollars last month with no warning and now on the jan bill we get notice pur bill will be going up another 5 dollars a month. And now we have lost our number one watched channel Fox news. Really? Is this the kind of treatment you get for being a loyal customer for 15 years? Dish is cheaper than the others but I guess you get for what you pay for or do you? And I’ll tell you right now Direct tv is just as much a pain in the ass as dish. Lessor equipment and higher prices. You see us the customers are just being shit on as usual and we keep on paying to have it done. Screw em all!

  206. I hope they never get fox news back I hate flipping through seeing Bill O’Reilly balled eagle head everyday.

    • If you don’t like fox news or Bill O. Change the channel. But if you keep watching I guess you figured out what real news is like.

  207. This is just another way of the liberals taking control our lives. I have watched other channels and have made my choice based on the fact that others are a very liberal and bibias program. It is a shame that you are holding out for what appears to be, by all appearances a monetary gain. Not taking in the consideration what is more important to our watchers. The disappointment shown by your patrons is over whelming, including mine. I hope this will make a difference. I hope that the people will be heard.

  208. I watch Fox a lot
    Please make an agreement with them so we can continue watching
    I will be forced to cancel and go to another in order to watch if you cannot
    come to an agreement

  209. What’s wrong with you Dish?? Do you have to be hit over the head. why mess with a good thing put Fox back on the Air.

  210. I’ve had DISH for over ten years, and Fox News has been a regular in my house all that time. I can honestly say I’m deeply disappointed. Whatever your problem is with Fox, fix it quickly or I’ll change services. I have two other choices, both of which carry Fox, one of which is significantly cheaper!

  211. I have decided to cancel my dish account Jan 15th 2015 because we cannot watch Fox News anymore. I have had dish for 7 years-and was happy, even when they took away about 20 channels included in our package when we started. But the local cable company and/ or direct tv offer cheaper service WITH Fox News, so we are moving our service.
    Dish chose the WORST TIME of year-the holidays to cancel Fox and they run a 24/7 speil that it is Fox News’ fault dish can’t air their programming-BS!! I really hate liars and greedy thieves.
    I only wish I could watch the New Year Celebration at home–on Fox but will have to go to friends who have direct tv and watch the New Year’s Eve show on Fox.
    Stupid greed is all that motivates dish ceo. Good riddance!

  212. Shame on you dish for removing Fox News ! If you not put them back by 1/5/15 I will move myaccount to direct!!

  213. I have been a Dish customer for over 15 years and am irate to have paid for a Dish Contract with Fox News and Fox Business and it has been deleted. I demand a refund and reinstatement of those two channels or will seek moving my service to cable or Direct TV. A conservative news channel is not to be found elsewhere.

  214. I just changed to DISH don’t start cutting my package. Keep Fox News.

  215. It’s not about whether Fox is a good or bad news channel, people. It’s about money. As others have said , in a kind way, I will slap it on you. It’s NOT ABOUT YOU THE VIEWER. Dish has loyal customers. One reason why is that they require no credit check, so anyone can watch dish, a premium cable company. No I am a customer of their competition. Fox has plenty of revenues without you or dish. So does dish. You don’t fit anywhere in their war. You viewers of fox and patrons of dish, are a handy scapegoat for fox and dish, but seriously as a viewer, you aren’t that important. Get off your uhm.. high horses and quit making yourselves sound self righteous, because those in the know are laughing at you when you make your silly demands. Gimme fox back or I’m gonna … Do what ? Complain ? I certainly hope some of you can pass a credit check for the other company. Lol.

    • Katie you are confused. it is the msnbc crowd that worry about credit checks. PAY your bills and you will not have a credit problem to be concerned with. let alone worrying about others ability to pay. lol

  216. Our day is not complete any longer.
    Bill & Martha begin our day in such a good way…always telling the truth and fun.
    Ending our day with Cavuto…a real expert in our opinion. Again fun and smart.
    Many others as well make our day complete because of Fox News & Fox Business.
    Please solve this thing and come back. We’re now worried about the elections.
    Yikes…we love Fox so much. We miss Fox everything so much.

  217. How is it that we pay for subscriptions to a certain package which incuded Fox News Channel and now
    you take it away from us. Then doesn’t it give us a right to cancel without charges because the shows we signed up for are taken away from us??
    Also, when a house within 40 feet of mine is allowed the local channels but they wont allow me to get
    those channels???

  218. The blame lies with greedy FOX. I assume the greedy FOX has given a BIG discount to their advertisers since they have lost over 14 million viewers.

  219. the one channel I watch and they drop FOX News.
    If Dish Network don’t resolve in 1 more week, I move on to the next cable provider!!!!!

  220. I have dish for two reasons FNC and my San Jose Sharks. I can get around the sharks games by streaming the NHL. All my other programming I can get with my fire tv,Netflix and my droid tv primetime. If FNC would start streaming like HBO&SHOWTIME are going to do this year I would buy that streaming service in a heartbeat. I am dropping dish anyway and getting an OTA antenna for local channels and get Nhl game center with a VPN to get home games. Even with all the above I will pay far less then I do with dish.

  221. Come on seriously bring back dish people come on Fox is The ONLY network that isn’t liberal seriously I’m sick of so many liberals having say in what is peoples rights

  222. I think what Dish is doing is despicable,and possibly slanderous to Fox news.Fox is the only news channel to report the truth.This cant be good for Dish and its employees .We paid for a package that included Fox and are now told if we cancel we will be paying a fee of over $300 .I pointed out that they voided there contract by removing a channel that is part of our package .We are not rich but if we don’t have Fox back soon we are going to pay the fee and possibly let the courts settle the fee in a class actionsuit.WE WANT OUR FOX BACK NOW

  223. All i want it my Fox news back.
    Are we sure that this is not a left wing manuver, elections are close.
    Remember, Dish did have an Obama channel, (disgusting).

  224. The arrogance of the Dish CEO is astounding. Accusing Fox of extortion. Fox is the most watched news organization and the only news channel not in bed with the liberals! We need to start an organized campaign on social media outlets such as Facebook. I can assure you if Dish customers start defecting by the hundreds of thousands they will restore Fox News. Hopefully after they loose millions!!!!!

  225. I will give Dish about 2 more weeks and then I change to another sat. Fox should not raise rates for it is the people that will have to pay like in all other business transactions. I, like others only watch about 10 channels out of the hundreds they give us. I am ready to go back just to the local TV stations and Netflix like so many are doing again.

  226. I gave Dish notice to either settle before New Years or they loose my $150+ a month account. As of today Dish will be replaced and for much less. I will save $86 a month the first year, reduced to $30 a month the second year. That is a savings of $1392 over the next two years. Being a retiree on a fixed income that is a big savings along with getting Fox news and business back. Getting Neil and Kelley PRICELESS

  227. I have waited as long as I can…I am ending Dish today and taking a lower quality provider only to have FOX again. This is ridiculous! …And I won’t be back!
    Steve Terry





  229. I usually ask leftwing Fox News haters if they have ever heard of Jonathan Gruber, Lois Lerner,
    John Koskinen, or Trey Gowdy, and I get that blank liberal stare, I know they are getting their news from the so called main stream media, msmbc or John Stewart. When they start blubbering Ted Cruz, Dick Cheney or George Bush, my thoughts are confirmed.

  230. Please bring Fox News back, they are the only ones that tell you what is going on in the world , otherwise we are in the dark from other news stations . Who won’t say any thing Obama does not want said!! How sad they can not tell the truth the way it is!! Just catering to a man who never tells the truth about any thing.

  231. I have been Dish customer for many years and if they don’t get Fox News back by Dec. 15 they are gone for good In my home($160 per month).

  232. I..Need to know how dish is able to charge fees due to us canceling our contract ..
    WHEN..DISH is the one to
    brake they contract with us…
    I am canceling DISH….no matter what BUT will fight them to not pay a penalty for service I am not receiving
    ..Dish started this…With out thinking or caring of the million customer they would screw over …

  233. I think we should all cancel dish’s service and if they can not get Fox back on the air in another week. We all should dump then and the heck with the sir-charge for ending the contract early. We signed the contract expecting Fox New and they failed to live up to their side of the agreement. Contract broken by them, They need to pay us for breaking it. Too Bad !!!!

  234. When you one percenters are done, maybe my wife an i can see some factual news.

  235. I quit Dish Tv today Cost me 300 but I WILL have fox news 🙂

  236. Dear Dish ……Thank you, thank you, thank you. Did I say thank you. Fox is fake and everyone knows it. Do what ever you must do to keep them off the air. What they preach is harming America. The tea people would have not been elected without the 24/7 worship of insanity. This country is based on beliefs fake fox news does not share. The United States of America is not a religion never has been and never will be. Fake fox viewers please get over that fact.

  237. I am trying to be patient. I’m close to the point of canceling my programming If Fox is not returned shortly. I have been a loyal customer for over 15 years. This is ridiculous and I don’t know who is to blame!

  238. well im getting very tired of this I have purchased a program package according to what i like to watch regardless of other peoples point of VIEW change the channel . unless dish brings back fox news which i like watching which i have purchased in my package i will terminate dishes contract on the grounds of not providing me the programming package i requested then by breaking there agreement with me .

  239. And as far as you people like Matthew praising dish for removing a program which other people may like are idiots in a since you sure like to wave the rights you share with everyone except when it doesn’t fit your idea of of rights you cant have your cake and eat it to SIMPLE SIMMONS.

  240. I miss FOX NEWS everyday, & find it difficult to replace the time with fox!!!!!! My contact will be up with DISH NETWORK THIS YEAR, AND WILL MOVE TO DIRECT TV!!!!!!!!

    It looks like more GREED IS IN COMMAND!!!!!!

    I’m not blaming FOX NEWS——-Its the other party!!!!!—-GREED!!!

    I hope your on soon!!

    Mary R. Hoard

  241. Please bring back Fox Channel News Channel to Dish.

  242. Dave-
    That’s the way liberals work. If they hate something they want to shut it down, i.e.: Chic Fil A. Hate is the only speech they know.


  244. Fox news.is half truths and sometimes out right lies.
    None.of them should carry foxes proproganda

  245. The problem I have with Dish is not that they’re hard-nose negotiating with FoxNews. I can get that from a couple of free streaming online sources albeit a little shaky. What irks me is that I’m still being billed for programming I’m no longer receiving, and they’re not paying for. Instead of pocketing the profits while we wait, Dish at least could give us a few movies as compensation, or reduce our monthly bill.

  246. Fox news is the only channel which is not too concerned about being politically correct. I can not imagine staying with the dish should they drop Fox News. Please keep Fox news.

  247. We have enjoyed the Fox News Channel for years—and we rely on this network to
    give us the pure truth about the government and other issues. This was our favorite
    channel and we kept it on most of the day–because they were so current with very
    important issues on laws, people, government, whistle blowers that lost their jobs
    relating much true information to the Fox Channel. We have special people we welcome to listen to nightly—-Megan Kelly, Judge Piro, O’Reilly, Hannity, the’five’
    these were regular favorites watched on a daily & nightly basis. We mention Greta
    Van Sustern last now for she is the best on the list.

    Fox and it’s need for money issues with Dish has created a impediment for all
    viewers who value Fox exposures.

  248. DISH has figured out that Faux costs more than the revenue it brings in when compared to other programming options all,GOP all day — Roger A – Pres. NIXON’S personal cabin boy now,asking for more $$ from dish. It’s not news its Fox.

  249. My God, nobody has the guts to say what this is? News Corporation (FOX) OWNS Direct TV. Direct has been loosing ground to Dish because of over-charging. Rupert Murdoch (FOX) is attempting to damage Dish TV by trying to over-charge them for carrying Fox (refusing to negotiate). It’s a desperate marketing ploy – and you Fox Zombies are jumping to your “programmer’s” dance again like North Koreans at a tank display…all glassy-eyed and foaming at the mouth. I can’t believe how effective brainwashing is – until you read the comments here. Radio Moscow never had it so good. And this train only goes to one station.

  250. Was going to switch to dish but then they dropped fox news, the only legitimate news on tv today.(finger>msnbc). Adios dish.

  251. I’m out of here if you can’t settle dispute very soon.

  252. Trying to blame Obama for just about everything negative that happens in the U.S. is not news.
    It’s politics.

  253. Yes I miss Fox News a lot !
    It sucks there is something like this going on in Washington DC also !
    It is all about money and control .

  254. Please bring back CBS and FOX!!!!! We watch these channels a lot!!!!
    This isn’t fair to the consumers!!!!
    Thank you!


  256. Those that are delusional about the Fox truths, …WERE ARE YOUR FACTS????? Obama was not born in this country? Death-panels in Obamacare? 13 Bengazhi investigations, no proof of fault? there is no climate change, and if there is it is not caused by man,???? still waiting for the facts to prove these things, HOW ON EARTH CAN ANYONE SAY FOX TELLS THE TRUTH AND NOT FEEL FOOLISH.

  257. Only true news is independent. No wonder our country is in shambles. People trust mainstream media. They are all liars. Research it.

  258. It amazes me so many can be dumb enough to believe anything on this station.Before you people respond no not a obama fan. I do however live in the real world, not the fantasy land fox and its ill informed viewers occupy. I could be better informed at the local landfill.

  259. Sorus is a true liberal (radical), with lots and lots of money. He thinks it can buy him anything he wants or don’t want. On the board of directors of dish. Also buys and pays for elections. Dish is gone from our house, welcome Directv, never been happier


  261. well,I love my DISH. i think they are trying to keep our (customers) bill lower than the other providers. i miss the good old days when things did’nt cost so much or were free lol IE:antenas to get reception but it’s a new day in history that we all live in. think we better get used to it or live off grid in the middle of nowhere. i know how to start a campfire,fish,hunt,use a scrub board, can food,make soap….lol learned it on the internet.Ha Ha. good luck in life everyone….. Dish leave my sifi chan alone please do not be like D****t. tv. Thank You

  262. Please, please take Fox News off, it is nothing but a bunch of liars for the Grand Oil Party, they are brainwashing the people of America.

    How could anyone be dumb enough to sit and watch them clowns,

  263. Open your eyes…..Obama is the blame for all that is happening in our country today!! He has ruined our country…..along with Hilary!!! Wake Up Before IT’S TO LATE!!!!

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