Weather Channel Shifts Programming Focus to … the Weather?

Dec 5, 2014  •  Post A Comment

Weather Channel plans to start channeling its inner nerd, after a phase in which it seemed more interested in anything BUT the weather.

David Clark, president of Weather Channel, said in an interview with Variety that the channel is undergoing a “course correction,” and will air fewer nonfiction series with little connection to the weather.

“We are going geekier,” he told Variety. “We sort of have an unbridled enthusiasm for science and weather and weather’s connection to the physical world.”

Among the series that are in the works for next year is “Three Scientists Walk Into a Bar,” “which will utilize the talents of amateur scientists and meteorologists found on YouTube channels,” Variety said.

The channel also plans its first historical docudrama, about the doomed Donner Party. Additionally, the second season of “Prospectors,” a nonfiction series about gem miners, will add more science and geology, the story reports.

Earlier this year, Weather Channel got into a nasty spat with DirecTV that dragged on for several weeks, with DirecTV removing Weather Channel from its lineup after charging that the channel’s reality series were unrelated to the core weather reports that were supposed to be its main focus.



  1. Yay! There are 100 other channels to find (and avoid) goofy reality programming. I go to The Weather Channel for in-depth weather — odd as that may sound — but the channel had driven me away with minimizing even its “On The 8s” forecasts to a crawler on the bottom of the screen.

  2. Weather Channel going back to focusing on weather? That’s crazy. What’s next; MTV going back to music videos?

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