Eddie Huang, Author of ‘Fresh Off the Boat,’ Tells Why He Wrote Controversial Magazine Article About Turning It Into a Sitcom for ABC

Jan 19, 2015  •  Post A Comment

Eddie Huang has finally explained why he wrote a blistering essay in New York Magazine about ABC turning his book into a sitcom. Last week we reported on some of the fireworks at the TCA about Huang, the article, and the show.

In the latest, Huang was asked over the weekend by National Public Radio, “What motivated you to write that piece? Were you trying to preempt some kind of criticism you were anticipating about the show maybe not going far enough?”

Huang answered, “No, I want to encourage criticism. I really encourage it. And I think I’m pretty clear in the article telling people you have to come, you have to talk about this, because the article, the conversation, Asians coming out — when the voices are heard, they have to adjust. Because it’s a business and they’re trying to sell to these markets. And when the markets are explicit about what they want and how they want to be represented and not represented, the studio and network will acquiesce. They’re not on a mission to not represent us. They just don’t know how to.”

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