Our Favorite Headline of the Day Comes From the Hollywood Reporter: War Over Hollywood Sign Pits Wealthy Residents Against Urinating Tourists

Jan 8, 2015  •  Post A Comment

“Residents of L.A.’s Beachwood Canyon are fighting off hordes of GPS-enabled tourists — thousands a day — who block their driveways, sometimes piss in public and, they say, pose a major fire risk as they make their pilgrimage to the city’s most popular and unregulated landmark,” reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The author of the piece, Gary Baum, writes, “Now there’s a never-ending pilgrimage of travelers, thousands a day — an exponential uptick from half a decade ago — embarking on a strange, possibly sacred journey to commune with the sign. Giddy teens from the heartland, gay friends excitedly chatting in varied European dialects, elderly Asian couples walking hand in hand, Muslim families crowding into the camera frame in their hijabs: They come, they see, they selfie.”

To read more about this war between local residents and tourists, please click on the link above, which will take you to Baum’s full article.

hollywood-signThe famous Hollywood sign

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