At Some Point Over-The-Top Video Services Tied to ‘Star Wars’ and Marvel Might Make Sense, Disney CEO Iger Says, But Not Right Now

Feb 4, 2015  •  Post A Comment

Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Iger has hinted “at a future in which Disney would go direct-to-consumer with its lucrative content properties,” reports Video Ink.

The story adds that in a conference call to discuss earnings with investors “Iger said he wants to foster a ‘closer relationship to the consumer that can be mined for other revenue-generating purposes.’ This could come in the form of over-the-top (OTT) video services tied to assets like Marvel and ‘Star Wars,’ he said.”

However, don’t look for this to happen anytime soon. Iger has authorized ESPN to be part of Dish TV’s upcoming OTT service on Sling TV that will cost just $20 a month for a number of services, but he characterizes that as a “worthwhile experiment” I said during the call.

But he made clear that the traditional pay-TV model is a very lucrative one for Disney and not one it will be abandoning soon.

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  1. Well, Mr. Iger, if you really want a “‘closer relationship to the consumer'”… particularly one “‘that can be mined for other revenue-generating purposes’”, how about starting that process by releasing the 3D blu-ray versions of Frozen, Big Hero 6, and Maleficent… as well as Ratatouille (and The Incredibles when it’s ready).

    What’s your problem with the U.S., Mr, Iger? Disney has released those titles on 3D blu-ray in other countries.

    Since they are all-region discs, I could buy the 3D blu-ray Frozen and Maleficent (the other titles are region-locked)… but why should I have to send my money to another country to get what Disney obviously wants to sell? It wouldn’t have anything to do with trying to get U.S. consumers hooked on 3D streaming/downloads… would it?

    Is Disney going to ignore those Disney consumers who (for whatever reasons) don’t/can’t do streaming/downloads? I don’t have a problem with streaming/downloads… but convenience isn’t a buying point for me, so I do neither. For a variety of reasons (that will never change), I only buy physical media… and typically deluxe, multi-disc editions at that. If physical media isn’t available, I do without. Which means (if you haven’t got the drift, yet) that I have not bought, nor watched any of the above Disney titles since their theatrical runs… because I won’t buy a 2D version of a 3D film unless it is available with a 3D version in a deluxe edition.

    If Disney continues to treat (ignore) U.S. fans/buyers of their 3D titles in such a cavalier fashion, then this Disney fan will find other outlets for my disposable income. During the Thanksgiving holiday week, my wive, adult son and I took four members of our extended family (two adults and two children) to Disneyland… and, right now, I’m not sure that will ever happen again. I hear there are other theme parks in southern CA. While I’m at it, maybe I’ll just stop going to Disney films (animated or otherwise).

    Also, other studios certainly aren’t shy about releasing their 3D titles. I just bought the 3D deluxe editions of Mr. Peabody & Sherman and the BoxTrolls, and (much as I liked both films), that’s money that would have gone to any of those Disney titles first.

    Had they been available.

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