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Dueling Oscar Winners: Two Academy Award-Winning Actors are Up to Play Bernie Madoff in Two Separate TV Projects at Two Different Networks. Hmm. Definitely Not Cool. Sounds Like a Fonzie Scheme to Us…

Feb 19, 2015  •  Post A Comment

“There’s competition to be the first Academy Award winner to play Bernie Madoff….Richard Dreyfuss has agreed to star in a four-hour ABC miniseries, according to a person at the network who asked not to be identified discussing casting decisions. A project starring Robert De Niro announced in 2011 is still in development at HBO, two people there said.”

So writes Max Abelson at Bloomberg.

He also notes that “Meg Ryan, Bette Midler and Susan Sarandon are on ABC’s wish list to play Madoff’s wife, Ruth, the person said.”

Deadline adds about the planned ABC miniseries, “Inspired by ABC News chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross’ reports and his book ‘The Madoff Chronicles,’ the mini chronicles the rise and spectacular fall of the imprisoned swindler and the $65 billion Ponzi scheme he concocted. Ben Robbins is the writer.”

madoffBernie Madoff in 2007


  1. Fonzie. He’s cool and doesn’t make fraudulent investments. You may be thinking of Potsie’s younger brother Little Ponzi “I’ll take your money” Weber.

    • Hi David…Can’t believe you’re messing with our terrifically groan-able pun. But we also beg to differ with you based on our memory of the show and of those times. Please note this definition, found in the always useful Urban Dictionary:
      Fonzie Scheme: The act of buying and subsequently wearing a leather jacket in an effort to look tough, cool, virile, or otherwise appealing. A Fonzie Scheme is usually run by someone who in fact is NOT any of these things. The name derives from the name of Arthur Fonzarelli, star of the sitcom “Happy Days,” who is the epitome of leather-jacket-wearing cool guys.

      Chuck Ross
      • I just bought a surfboard and a shark. What does that say about me?

  2. David: It says you “Dumped the snark.”

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