ESPN Suspends Keith Olbermann

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Keith Olbermann, who has often been at the center of controversy during his TV career, has been suspended from his hosting duties by ESPN.

Our friend Rich Sandomir at The New York Times reports that the host of ESPN2’s late-night talk show “Olbermann” was suspended Tuesday following a Twitter controversy about Penn State. The suspension is reportedly for the rest of this week.

Olbermann got in hot water — and later apologized — over remarks he made about Penn State students.

“In one exchange Monday, Olbermann responded ‘Pitiful’ to a tweet from Lisa Aiello DeLeon, a Penn State graduate who wrote, ‘We are!’ and provided a link to a campus newspaper’s article about students raising $13 million to fight pediatric cancer,” The Times reports.

DeLeon reportedly later wrote on Facebook: “My tweet made the news! And check out what KO has to say! I sent to make sure he was aware of this Penn State legacy, started in 1970’s, which has raised over $114mil plus $13mil this yr. — the Penn State culture he can’t deny.”

According to The Times, Olbermann tweeted at one point: “PSU students are pitiful because they’re PSU students — period.”

He tweeted an apology Tuesday afternoon, saying he had been “stupid and childish.”

ESPN released a statement about the fracas, saying Olbermann’s series of tweets was “completely inappropriate and does not reflect the views of ESPN.”

The network also stated: “We have discussed it with Keith, who recognizes he was wrong.”




  1. Childish behavior

  2. Enough already already. If we’ve learned ANYTHING about Olberman over the years it’s that he is STUPID and CHILDISH. Just fire him ESPN. You don’t need him.

    • He’s a fiery, sometimes inappropriate guy. Brilliant, too. We need personalities like Keith to call out right-wing nut jobs…like yourself.

  3. And the thought police win another one! Stupid comment, sure, but does this merit all the attention it’s getting? It’s not like there is nothing more important going on.

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