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NCTA, the Cable Trade Organization Led by Michael Powell, a Former FCC Commissioner, Says It’s Likely It Will Sue the FCC Over Changing the Regulation of Internet Service Providers

Feb 13, 2015  •  Post A Comment

“National Cable & Telecommunications Association President Michael Powell says he expects the association to take the FCC to court if the agency proceeds with Title II classification of Internet service providers,” reports Multichannel News.

The story continues, saying that Powell “said that Title II would [mark] such a dramatic shift for an industry that has invested billions under the assumption of continued light-touch regulations. He also said he would welcome pre-publication of the order.”

The article adds that Powell “calls the FCC’s proposed new network neutrality rules a “fatal step,” and says that it was the President’s “interjection” into the debate — Obama in a November video came out strongly for Title II, and for the FCC imposing that regime — that has turned it into a Democrat vs. Republican issue.”

The NCTA represents lots of cable operators, who, in turn, are generally also Internet service providers. For example, Comcast says it is the largest high-speed Internet service provider to residential customers in the U.S.

The Multichannel interview on this subject is quite extensive and if you are interested in this subject we urge you to click here, which will take you to the complete article that we have summarized.

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  1. Of COURSE they’ll sue! Being included in title II will help to keep them from their deceptive, greedy and exploitive ways of running rampant over consumers.

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