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This Is Wild! The Oakland Raiders and the San Diego Chargers Are Exploring the Idea of Having BOTH NFL Teams Moving to Los Angeles, and Playing in a Single New Stadium to Be Built in Carson. That’s in Addition to the St. Louis Rams, Which Are Still Pursuing Moving to the Inglewood Area of L.A., and a New Stadium That Would Be Built There

Feb 20, 2015  •  Post A Comment

“The San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders, rivals on the field, are moving forward together on a plan to build a $1.7-billion NFL stadium in Carson that they will share,” reports the authoritative football reporter for the Los Angeles Times, Sam Farmer.

The article continues, “The Chargers and Raiders will continue to seek public subsidies for new stadiums in their home markets, but they are developing a detailed proposal for a privately financed Los Angeles venue in the event they can’t get deals done in San Diego and Oakland by the end of this year, according to the teams.”

Farmer adds, “This latest high-stakes move was precipitated by St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke, who announced in January his plan to build an 80,000-seat stadium on the land that used to be Hollywood Park.”

Neither of the two stadiums would require public monies, but both stadiums would require voter approval to be built, the story notes.

The NFL would likely approve two teams moving to Los Angeles, but not three.

In a sidebar article writer Farmer poses a number of questions and answers, including these two:

We’ve been down this NFL-in-L.A. road so many times before. Isn’t this another instance of the league creating leverage to sweeten the deals in other cities?

Leverage always comes into play. But this situation is much different, in that it was generated by existing NFL owners, not somebody in L.A. trying to push a stadium concept. Those owners are saying they can’t get it done in their current cities, and they have control of viable stadium sites in the L.A. area. That has never happened before.

So with this situation building to a crescendo, what does it mean for the NFL in L.A.?

It’s going to be awfully hard for the league to punt this time.





  1. The Raiders should stay in Oakland. The Chargers should stay in SD. (Even though they played one season in LA) The Rams should be the team that move back to Los Angeles, and bring back those old time blue uniforms. (The same ones they wore on a Monday Night game this past year.) To bad they could not bring back Jim & Jack Youngblood.

  2. total agree with Joe … St. Louis is a puny market compared to LA … the Rams need to come home to So. Cal.

  3. OH HELL NO!!!! If this happens the only games we will be able to watch will be those 3 teams and i hate all 3 of those team! sounless the patriots are playing the packers i better hope its on espn ,or nbc because cbs or fox will force us to watch only those 4 teams games which means i’ll have to switch to directv to watch the games of mthe teams i only care about,patriots,packers,bears,seahawks,broncos,vikings,and cheifs.

    • Hey Celticpride, or is it Cheappride? I have had the Direct TV/NFL package for five years now…AND IT ROCKS!!! So put a crowbar in your wallet and get it to see all your teams. Because the Rams will be moving back to LA! WHERE THEY BELONG!!!
      As for your crappy Boston teams they all SUCK!!! Especially the cheater Pats and their deflated balls. Boston deserves all that snow they are now getting!!!

      (Ha, Ha, Okay Pride-the above was all written in fun. Hope I had you going for a few minutes. Congrats on winning the Superbowl. Also the Direct TV package is GREAT. If you love football as much as I do you should look into it this summer and get the first year free.-Joe)

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