TV Football Analyst Fired After Arrest on Super Bowl Weekend

Feb 3, 2015  •  Post A Comment

A well-known former pro football player who has been a TV analyst has been fired following his arrest early Monday in Phoenix, where he was covering the Super Bowl, reports TMZ.

Warren Sapp, who was a defensive standout with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the NFL, was reportedly arrested at a hotel in downtown Phoenix on suspicion of soliciting prostitution and two counts of assault. He had been working as a TV football analyst for the NFL Network.

B&C reports that Alex Riethmiller, an NFL Network spokesman, confirmed Sapp’s firing. Said Riethmiller: “Warren Sapp’s contract has been terminated and he no longer works for NFL Network.”

TMZ notes: “Cops say two women told police they were at the hotel ‘as escorts’ and went to Sapp’s room, where an argument broke out over money. The women claim the argument turned physical and spilled out into the hallway.”

Sapp is an NFL Hall of Famer and former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant.

Warren-SappWarren Sapp, being interviewed on TV back when he was a player


  1. If pot can be legalized, can’t escort services? If the escort business was legal and regulated, fewer underage girls would be dragged into the business; and there would be a lot less abuse of the women. Also, there would be fewer medical issues. Plus the government would get its fair share of the income through taxes. Look at what Colorado and Washington are already collecting in taxes from marijuana, and legal cannabis is barely a year old.

  2. Guilty Cleric, I like your reasoning, but this may be deemed as much too “Liberal” and you know, may offer a solution. But government (many of the members who have been arrested for solicitation and drugs) will never go for this. I totally agree with you.

    And WTF is this guy thinking anyway? When one is in the public eye, they must be careful with the activities in which they participate in. I am surprised that he is not pulling the race card. LOL!

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