What Will Jon Stewart Do Next? A Very Experienced TV Reporter – Bill Carter, Who Just Left the New York Times After Close to Three Decades – Thinks He Has An Idea

Feb 18, 2015  •  Post A Comment

It’s quickly become a fun parlor game: What will Jon Stewart do next?

Bill Carter, who just recently left his post covering the TV beat for The New York Times after close to 30 years, thinks he might have an idea.

Writing in The Hollywood Report, Carter says, “Jon himself consistently describes what he has been doing as ‘fake news,’ but clearly that did not stop a significant segment of the viewing audience from taking his bravura performances so seriously that speculation about his future now includes discussion of network anchor positions and big-time politics. There is, however, an enormous gulf between what Stewart could do and what he will do. One close friend of long standing calls the speculation that Jon would consider a dive into politics ‘literally insane,’ adding: ‘This is the last guy I have ever met who would run for an office. He is diametrically opposed to that world.’”

Stewart himself has said, on-air, that he wants to spend more time with his family. Carter adds that Stewart believes that he is a comic, and not a journalist doing satire.

So here’s what Carter concludes in his THR story: “Whatever the next act is for Stewart, it likely will have to leave him more time for” spending time with his family. “A smart once-a-week show for an HBO, Showtime, Netflix or Amazon might appeal. His would-be employers would be wise to pitch a job for a hugely talented comedian who can write, direct, perform and land some powerhouse satiric punches. And make sure he can get home around six.”

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