Classic Kids’ TV Show Being Resurrected for the Big Screen

Mar 20, 2015  •  Post A Comment

A children’s TV show that was big a few decades ago is coming back to life in the form of a feature film. The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision reports that actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt has jumped in to spearhead the revival of “Fraggle Rock.”

Gordon-Levitt is known for his role as Tommy Solomon on “3rd Rock from the Sun” and has been in features including “10 Things I Hate About You.” He is set to play Edward Snowden in an upcoming Oliver Stone movie.

Gordon-Levitt will produce and star in the adaptation of “Fraggle Rock,” which was a puppet-focused TV series from Jim Henson that aired on HBO from 1983-1987. “Fraggle Rock: The Animated Series” also made it to the air for a brief run in 1987 on NBC.

New Regency and The Henson Co. are producing the new project.

The original “Fraggle Rock” came out of Canada and “followed the adventures of a group of cave-dwelling puppet creatures called Fraggles. In their world was a race of small, industrious creatures named Doozers, who lived in the caves, as well as the Gorgs, furry giants who looked at Fraggles as nuisances,” THR notes.

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